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What are your thoughts, do network marketing forums (sometimes called social communities or social networks) really work? I guess it depends. Not all are created equal. I have tried several in the past but happen to be quite partial to what I think is the best one out there… BetterNetworker.com

So what is BetterNetworker?

Well, as it says on their website it’s “The Internet’s #1 Social Community for Home Business Owners.”

I happen to agree.

The BN social community was founded in 2007 by Mike Dillard, the network marketing industry’s top authority on attraction marketing, and has quickly become THE place for network marketers, home business owners and affiliate marketers to ‘hang out.’

What makes BetterNetworker so popular?

I believe it’s the exceptional value that is presented there.

Members can join for free and have access to a wealth of knowledge accumulated over time from thousands of individuals who have been sharing their experience and expertise.

It’s a great place to mingle with and learn from like-minded people in the industry who are eager to lend a helping hand.

But what really sets this network marketing forum apart from the rest of the crowd are the great tools it provides for members to help grow their businesses.

I already mentioned that you can join BetterNetworker free of charge and gain access to a world of information absolutely free.

However, for a ridiculously low monthly fee you can become a member of the “Association of Better Networkers” (ABN for short) which not only brands you as an honest trust-worthy networker with integrity but also allows you to take advantage of some very cool marketing tools for free.

Imagine generating unlimited targeted leads for a fraction of the cost you would pay for PPC or Facebook ads.

Share your content on BetterNetworker and capture leads with every article, blog post, podcast or video you create.

With an Alexa ranking of 3,963 (at the time I’m writing this) you have a very good chance that the content you share on BetterNetworker will be found on major search engines.

How would you like to be trained by the best of the best?

But that’s not all yet. As a member of the “Association of Better Networkers” you also have unrestricted access to “The ABN Vault” where you can find tons of training by top income earners in the industry.

There’s much more I could write about BetterNetworker but I think you get the point. Words don’t do it justice. You need to experience it.

Why don’t you give it a try. Create your FREE Profile NOW, and get instant access to the coolest network marketing forum on the planet. Then come say “hello” and invite me to be your friend.

To Your Success…

Ilka Flood
The Enlightened Networker


Blog Mastery Award | The Enlightened Networker

Belinda Cunningham recently had the brilliant idea to start a Blog Mastery Award.

The idea behind it is to choose 10 blogs that you feel have mastered blogging and provide valuable content. You then nominate them to receive the award.

The recipients of the Blog Mastery Award then write a blog post about receiving the award and explain the concept. They then pay it forward by nominating 10 more blogs they feel deserve recognition because they provide valuable content to their readers.

My blog was nominated by my friend Soren Egstrup and I was thrilled and quite honored to be chosen. Thanks, Soren!

Please visit Soren’s blog to see his entire list of nominees here.

I think choosing other bloggers to be recognized for their efforts to provide valuable content is an excellent idea. There are so many great blogs out there and I am sorry that I’m only allowed to choose 10 because there are many more I would like to include here.

So without further ado, here’s my list of nominees in no particular order….

PeterFuller.org – Home Business Solutions for Zoomers (Boomers with Zip)

Empowered Online Entrepreneurs – Great Source of Online Marketing Techniques and Training

CashWithATrueConscience.com – Network Marketing Coaching and Personal Growth Tips

GrowWithStacy.com – Your Personal Development Resource

SusannaHess.com – Great Source of Video Marketing Training

ItsMLMTime.com – Great Source for MLM Tips and Training

ClearCutFormula.com -Another Great Source for MLM Training

MLM-GameChangers.com – Great Source for Attraction Marketing Tips

CleverMarketer.com – Great Blog to Learn More About Social Media, Blogging and More

SteveShoemaker.info – Great Source for Internet Marketing Advice

So here you have them my list. Make sure you visit these sites and bookmark them.

I would love your feedback on this idea so make sure you leave me your comments below.

To Your Success


How Blogging Has Increased My Business Exposure

On 30 May 2009 I moved my blog from Blogger over to WordPress, because I had heard that WordPress was the blogging platform for professionals. I didn’t want to be viewed as an amateur so I moved it. If you are blogging for business then WordPress is simply the best blogging platform.

Seven months later I still had virtually no traffic. Here and there someone found my blog by accident, even left a comment which I had no clue I was supposed to reply to.

One day in January of 2010 I stumbled upon Jason Better’s blog and met the “Better Bunch”, a group of the most amazing marketers from all over the world.

That was the turnaround for me.

From these incredibly talented people I learned everything about blogging I know today.

Just six short months ago, I knew very little about “keywords” or “eye-catching headlines.” I had no clue how to “optimize my blog for the search engines.”

I didn’t have a clue, how to get backlinks, what page ranking was or how to improve it. What good is it if you give valuable content but nobody finds it?

When I look back I can’t believe where I am today and the exposure I have received since. My traffic is way up and my Alexa ranking keeps dropping. I also have almost 140 people following my blog. Wow!

I have met so many incredible online marketers. People who freely and unconditionally share their experiences and know-how. You can meet some of them here. I have formed friendships with these people that are absolutely priceless.

“I am not a big shot. Just a little shot that keeps on shooting.” _Dayle Maloney

I have found, if you hang with the right crowd, keep giving value freely and unconditionally, the universe finds a way to reward you.

The universe has rewarded me so richly this month that I am still quite flabbergasted.

First, one of my articles was featured in the July issue of the “Best of BetterNetworker Magazine”. (If you aren’t a  member yet, you can sign up for free.) Then just last week another one of my articles was feature in the very first issue of Hector Cuevas’ “Entrepreneur Report.”

I am not sharing this with you to impress you, but to impress upon you that I am no different from you. You can do the same thing.

This blog post was in response to a blog meme. The way this works (I admit I had to look it up) is, a blogger tags other bloggers with their post and asks them to answer a question. This meme was started by Ana Hofman who asked the original question: “How Blogging Can Increase Your Lead Generation by 67%”

My friend  Marcus Baker tagged me. His post is “What Has This Blog Done For My Business?

“How Did Your Blog Kick-Start Your Business Success“?

The above post is my answer to his question.

The idea is to see how viral this question can go. Ana will receive the most links as the originator of the meme because everyone links back to the original post and then I will of course get links back from everybody I tag.

So I am tagging the following and my question is: “How Did Your Blog Kick-Start Your Business Success“?

Please answer this question in your next blog post, link back it back to this post and Ana’s post and tag

some of your blogger friends to do the same.  Thank you very much!

Also, please leave me a comment and if you liked this post, please share it with your friends. Thank you!

To your success,


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