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IdeaMama™ Ad Network is the only media agency and ad network that can run highly priced B2B offers with a long sales cycle, as well as high-ticket B2C products with Pay Per Deal model. Therefore we offer very high payout to affiliates. We are not only run your PPD on-line programs, but also solicit for you an army of referral partners and resellers who don’t have an on-line presence. No other network has an ability to manage off-line relationships. We can because we have an automated software system that enables referral partners to upload contact information of prospects and monitor the status of the leads, closely watching how they are moving through pipeline. We offer full transparency for affiliates and super-efficiency for advertisers.


We pioneered a revolutionary CPD advertising model

for companies with a long sales cycle and high-ticket products.

We are strong in B2C marketing; we excel in B2B marketing.

FOR PUBLISHERS we provide mind-blowing opportunity to monetize the web. FOR ADVERTISERS we provide an infrastructure for product distribution. FOR CHARITIES we facilitate support from our partners.


Explore our patented Pay-Per-Deal advertising model. See how we’ve revolutionized the on-line advertising industry. There are no better affiliate opportunities out there.

Average affiliate payout on the network is $5,000 per single sale. My earnings are phenomenal while traffic on my blog remains modest. With IdeaMama’s CPD model targeted traffic is the key. As an affiliate it’s one network you can not afford not to use. — David Shaw, Blogger


When it comes to maximizing ROI with affiliate marketing, we are an obvious choice for experienced on-line marketing pros. If you sell and close deals off-line and think that affiliate marketing is not for you, we are delighted to prove you wrong. Our revolutionary process, patented technology, and bullet-proof, battle-tested channel partnership strategies can be a critical component of your business growth.  They will significantly boost your sales, improve your bottom-line, and excavate hidden profit goldmines tucked away in your business, especially in the current state of the economy. Marketing highly priced B2B deals? Our network has a process to serve your sales needs, and affiliates will adore you.

Success is a Four-Step Process…

IdeaMama for CHARITIES


For both advertisers and publishers that strive to make a difference beyond their own “I” or “I am;” we offer an opportunity to partner with worthy charity initiatives and allocate a portion of earnings from each campaign to organizations in India, Eastern Europe, and other regions that try to improve the well being of those in need. Together we transform customer engagement from “what is in it for me” to “what is in it for all of us?” blainko 8888888888888888888 888888888888888 8888888888 888888888

From “I am, therefore I want” to “I am, therefore I give”

Doing business with any company of the IdeaMama Group is expressing your commitment to make changes within and without. This partnership is a gateway to transformation within you that leads to transformation of society on a global scale. spacespacespacespacespacespaespacespacespacespacespacespacespacespacecespacespacespacespacespace


We are not just another affiliate network. We are a distribution channel for true change.

Realization that I am you and you is a first step to inner fulfillment.

Add an “IamU&U;” pin to your campaign or web property to foster the change.

Add a tag “Buy and help us to donate to… (specify a charity of your choice)”

and let the intention spread like a virus of positive change.

What keeps me going is a feeling of purpose. We all can make a difference in each others’ lives

on both corporate and individual level. All it takes is a single thought of care. Share anything you can, even a simple loving smile, a caring touch, a hug, a word of comfort to another soul… today accepts all merchants with products or services from which our affiliates will profit. Nevertheless as we grow our main focus is on products that contribute in a positive manner to the evolution of the society, environmental products, cleantech innovation, and offers from socially responsible enterprises. — Olga Kostrova, Founder and CEO, IdeaMama Group

IdeaMama Network:  We are the network of your choice.

work from home with watkins advance sales and marketing

Whether you are looking to make extra money part-time, or a full-time income, Watkins offers an excellent work from home business opportunity for you! With an excellent reputation for the finest in home, kitchen, and personal care products since 1868, Watkins offers credibility and quality that is unmatched by any other network marketing or direct sales opportunity.

You may be wondering how this is different from any other work from home, online business opportunity you’ve heard about. Here are some important differences:

  • Our Associate group in Watkins is called the Summit Group. We are friendly, down-to-earth, family-oriented people. The positive attitude within our organization and the wholesome nature of the Watkins product line just seems to attract high-quality people who desire to work from home earning a part-time or full-time income.
  • A Watkins business gives you flexibility. You choose how much time you want to spend on your business. You choose your business strategies based on your personal goals and what you feel most comfortable with.
  • You don’t need any previous experience. The Summit Group has excellent training and support that can help you succeed in a step-by-step manner. This includes training booklets and articles, conference calls, a private training website, audio tapes, online business building systems, promotional tools, work from home strategies, and more.
  • The initial investment is not a burden. Associates who qualify to join our organization have several options of how much time and money they want to invest initially. Anyone can easily afford to get started. Many work from home part-time while holding down their regular job.
  • You can benefit from Internet marketing, even if you don’t use a computer yourself. We have powerful online technologies that allow you to work from home using the Internet to build your business. Many associates focus exclusively on the online business opportunity. Of course, you can choose to use traditional (non-computer) methods, or a combination of methods – you get to pick the business strategies that you enjoy.
  • The Summit Group’s family-oriented attitudes and Watkins’ heritage of more than 130 years mean that you’ll feel proud to be associated with this business. You won’t feel uncomfortable telling people about your new endeavor, as you might with some other work from home opportunities. Many of our new associates get lots of positive encouragement from family and friends because of the quality and reputation of Watkins products.

Work from Home with Watkins – Click to Learn More!