Dedicated Development Team: Definition, Advantages, Tips On Choosing

All You Need To Know About a Dedicated Developer Team 

Hiring a dedicated development team is a convenient approach applicable to different scenarios. Some companies hire third-party professionals for completing adjacent projects. Others use it as an extra step to deliver the product to the market and push the competitors.

No matter what aim you chase, a dedicated development team is a viable way to skyrocket the work of your company and boost your performance. 

We have prepared a detailed guide on exactly such an effect is achieved and how to choose a reliable provider. 

What Is A Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated development team is a model of long-term collaboration with an outsourced team of developers. Such teams usually come from regions with lower development rates like Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. 

The team is called “dedicated” because it works full-time on your project. This is a “squad” of professionals gathered to cater specifically to your business needs. The customer company is provided with access to each team member separately. A vendor company (e.g. a dedicated team provider) takes responsibility for recruitment, employee retention, office space and facilities, taxes, insurance, employee perks, etc.

To make a small conclusion, a dedicated development team is a carefully picked team of programmers who work to satisfy your business goals. You, as a client company, don’t bother yourself with administrative work but set the clear tasks and get them done. 

Members Of Dedicated Development Team 

A composition of a dedicated development team depends on your business requirements. Typically, it’s composed of:

  • Backend, frontend developers, mobile developers;
  • Full-stack engineers;
  • Business analysts;
  • DevOps engineers;
  • UI/UX designers;
  • Project managers;
  • QA testers.

Top Advantages Of a Dedicated Development Team

The tackled administrative work is not the only benefit of hiring a dedicated development team. In fact, there are far more things to uncover, so let’s dive into some of them.

Cost Reduction

As we said, dedicated development teams mostly reside in countries with lower development rates. With such a team, you can forget about extra costs and receive brilliant performance for an optimal price.

Accelerated Time To Market

With a dedicated development team, you can jump to market within the fastest terms. Goal-oriented professionals do their job to deliver a project on time so your in-house team can focus on their core responsibilities.

Scale Up and Down Quickly

Scalability is another perk that goes associated with a dedicated development team. Expand the team in case you need more workforce to complete the project or reduce it in case you no longer have a need for extra hands.

Amazing Talent Pool

One more reason to work with a dedicated development team is the access to an amazing global talent pool. Gather professionals with sought-after experience that would be on par with Western developers.

How To Choose A Dedicated Development Team

After you evaluate all the pros of choosing a dedicated development team, it’s time to learn how to pick the right partner. Here are a few practical suggestions on choosing the proper team. 

Check Out Their Expertise In The Relevant Sphere

Picking a reliable IT outstaffing company for a dedicated developer team is best done by conducting research on your own. Review a company’s portfolio and request references from previous clients. These two methods will deliver the most objective picture of a company’s trustworthiness and expertise. 

Discuss Vendors Approach

This is essential since they distinguish a reliable partner who accommodates all your needs. Talk to a company’s representative about their approach to work. Ask the following questions:

  • Are they ready to sign a contract?
  • What pricing models do they stick to?
  • How fast do they hire?
  • What development methodology do they prefer? 

Express Your Preference

Set the vector of your cooperation. Tell potential partners about specific of your work, speak about their role in your project and your expectations from cooperation. This is how you and the vendor company can understand if a “match” ever going to happen or you both will just lose time.

Interview Candidates

You get such an opportunity only after the vendor company approves them. The interview will let you see if the vendor chose the right candidates for fulfilling your projects.

Dedicated Developer Team Rexsoft In Action

Looking for zero-risk cooperation with experienced programmers? Choose a professional dedicated development team for hire from Rexsoft. Together we pick the best solutions for our fruitful and effective cooperation and delivery of top-notch products. 


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