Digital marketing tips to focus in 2021

2020 taught us that making predictions in such turbulent times should be done carefully. However, trends that have intensified or have just emerged in 2020 are likely to continue to gain traction in 2021. Seven of the most obvious marketing trends were selected.


Flexibility and discretion

Agile marketing is a 2020 trend and it will define 2021. Scenarios of common crises have been repeated for decades – they force consumers and companies to tighten their belts to weather the recession. The corona crisis turned out to be unique in that it forced massive and rapid changes in consumer behavior and switched them to digital channels. Companies had to adapt to a new reality – flexibility, agility, readiness to adapt turned out to be the most important skills for business survival in a crisis. Historically, marketers plan campaigns months in advance of launch, and major rebrands a year or even earlier. COVID-19 has corrected this practice, forcing brands to change and scale down entire campaigns on the fly – a trend unlikely to fade in 2021.

Plus, marketers are betting on caution next year. About half of them intend to increase sales of existing products to existing customers, the other half – to introduce new products to existing customers.

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Automation and programmatic

A trend that has intensified since the filing of COVID-19 is the rise of marketing automation. Automation systems help manage marketing processes: agree on budgets, plan, track and adjust campaigns, create reports. Due to remote work, technical solutions were needed that would provide employees with access to processes and save resources. Marketer demand for marketing automation systems will continue to grow in 2021 and is projected to grow by 80% by 2023.

Automation could be done with social media. It’s important to buy social media services from trusted sources like SocialWick. When you get more followers, likes and shares, you increase the chances for more orders. Automation will help you to answer requests for more orders.

The upward trend in automated purchasing is evident. Global digital ad spending has grown over the past five years by 54% – while two out of every three dollars spent on advertising are spent programmatically, without human intervention. With algorithmic automated purchasing, brands can reach relevant audiences in real time, minimizing human error and potential errors.

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Subscriptions and bundles

In 2020, the average time users spend on different types of media has grown to 53 hours per week, almost 3% more than last year. At the same time, the ad-supported model (users do not pay for content, but watch ads) is being supplanted by streaming streams, for the use of which users pay a fixed price every month. The share of advertising media fell to almost 66% worldwide, while in the United States it dropped to 45% – this is a historic low.