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You’ve gone through all the initial stages of starting your small business. [pii_email_3d2e2c110b7431bd1d75] You have a company name, business cards, an email address, and a business model of sorts.


Now you have to come up with some marketing strategies to work with though and these need to be diverse enough so that not all your eggs are in one basket so to speak. If you look at any successful business they don’t just rely on one single marketing strategy – it’s a smorgasbord of strategies than complement each other.


So what and how many business strategies should you focus on to keep your business fighting fit?



This stands for Unique Selling Proposition and it basically means you need to make your business different in some way to any similar businesses in the area. That doesn’t mean you need to be weird or quirky but it does mean that you need to highlight your strengths in such a way that customers will react to it.


Here are few famous USP’s to give you some ideas “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” – M&Ms or how about Dominos pizza with their USP of “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”



The simple act of networking with other businesses in your area can be the difference between achieving success in your first few months or experiencing failure over a period of years. The business contacts and leads you generate through networking at a formal and more social level can expose you to opportunities for your business that you probably never thought possible.

Online Advertising


Even with a very small budget it’s still possible to have an active online marketing presence with Google Adwords and you can really keep your advertising costs down by using Geo-Targeting (you can just advertise in your own city or town). If you have more room in your budget you should also consider doing some Facebook advertising too.

Social Media


Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all provide you with free methods of promoting your business and they have a massive amount of online “footfall”. If you’re not already using social media as part of your overall business marketing strategy then you need to start doing so right now. This is a prime example of how you can promote your business and definitely not keep all your marketing eggs in one basket.



People expect all businesses now to have an online presence and if you don’t then you’re missing out on a very important source of revenue and leads. The easiest way to establish your online presence is through either a free or hosted WordPress blog – even the hosted option only costs a few dollars per month. Once you have some experience writing for your own blog you can then look at doing some guest blog posts for companies or businesses in related markets – this is a really quick way of increasing your business profile and your bottom line.



Trying to guess what your customers or prospects want through trial and error is entirely the wrong approach and is usually totally counterproductive. Instead try surveying your potential clients or prospects by phone, by e-mail or even through good old snail mail (the postal service) and ask them what they want and need from your business. Then simply provide them with exactly what they asked for and you’ll become a business genius in their eyes.


The  simplest way to find places to advertise is through the  use is an online advertising search engine for Marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to find out where to advertise can basically search and compare 2000+ ad networks and quality publishers in seconds!


Too many startup businesses focus on just one area of marketing and ignore the rest and that’s a prime of example of too many marketing eggs in one basket for any real success to come from.


Starting an Online Business: What Would you Like To Know – business alliance insurance company

I am developing an Ebook to help people and teach people on how to start an online busines, tools and resouces they to be successful.


I am very interested to hear from you and know the exact things that you want to know about successfully starting and maintaining an online business.


Please feel free to shoot your questions on the comment box below and it will be my pleasure to address to each of them  on an EBook that I am planning to write and publish.


Imagine a life that allows you to freely do what you want. This could mean taking exotic and exciting foreign holidays wherever and

whenever you wish to. How does it feel to have your own choice as to when you would like to work? What do you think about the idea of gaining financial freedom and living your dreams?


Let’s use the fast forward button of life. Five years from now, you COULD be super-rich, super successful and a superstar in internet marketing!

So instead of just reading and being amazed of how to make money online, do you realize that you can actually start acting on it?


Launching your very own online business is surprisingly and incredibly simple as long as you maintain an open mind as you couple it with

the strong desire for success. More than its simplicity, starting and maintaining an online business is less expensive and far more profitable than

purchasing a franchise or renting out a shop or an office.  With a franchise, you earn a minimum wage added

to a large start-up cash outlay, which is oftentimes borrowed. Then, the next five years are spent exhausting servitude.


Do you get the picture? Why will you choose an unpredictable and costly traditional business when you have another option that is much

easier and more profitable? Starting an online business offers you several opportunities to earn as much as you want; not just now but also in the future.


The Limitless Features of Online Business


Here is a good view of creating as well as running a highly profitable online business:


Unbelievably Quick – It is true that you need to invest time when growing your business. However, when you compare it to a ‘proper business’ of any kind, you will find out that spending time on your online business is not time-consuming at all. Additionally, there is no

need to travel to and from your work. Online business can be accomplished from home or any place of your preference.

Interestingly Cheap – This is great news for you. To start and run an online business, you do not need millions of dollars as your capital investment. Especially if you know what you are getting yourself involved in, a few hundred dollars would be enough to start and keep  you going.

Extremely Easy – What make this online business even easier are these three trouble-free requirements: your personal computer, an internet connection plus some spare time. You can find unlimited ways and opportunities to earn money online with just spending a fraction of your time and a portion of your financial resources.


How convincing are all these truths to you? What I have given you is just an overview of what you can expect when starting an online

business. There are much more things to learn and discover in this area. For this reason, I am very interested to hear from you and know the exact things that you want to know about successfully starting and maintaining an online business.



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