Don’t Make Network Marketing Harder Than It Is

network marketing

There’s a reason it’s called NETWORK Marketing. You are not all by yourself. It’s about a large group of people doing a few simple activities over a sustained period of time. In other words, it’s about a lot of people doing a little consistently over time. It’s about leveraging yourself.

Don’t think you have to sponsor this large group of people all by yourself either. You only need a handful and then teach them how to get a handful. And so on. Over time you, and your handful of people, that you started out with, will have build your large network.

You can talk to any one of the top leaders in any company and they will tell you that they only sponsored a few people themselves. And those few built their network marketing organizations. Remember, it’s about a lot of people doing a little over a sustained period of time.

One of my favorite books is ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson. In it he tells the story of ‘The Water Hyacinth. It goes something like this…

Although a single plant can produce as many as 5,000 seeds, the method it prefers to grow is by doubling itself. It can cover an entire pond in 30 days. However, for the first few weeks you won’t even notice it is there. On day 15 you may see maybe a square foot. On the 20th day you may find a dense little patch maybe the size of a mattress. On day 29 half the ponds surface will be open water. But, on the 30th day the whole pond will be covered with a blanket of the water hyacinth. You won’t even see any water.

So you see, just by doubling itself, this amazing plant covered a whole pond in as little as a month. It’s pretty much the same principle in network marketing. We double ourselves, and then again and again and again until we have a very large network of people who all do a little to contribute to the whole.

It’s not hard. It just takes time.

Many people give up to soon. If they would just have stayed the course, they would have reaped the harvest of the seeds they were sowing.

Don’t give up! Stay the course! Get a few. Teach them to get a few and help them teach those to get a few. And you all do just a few simple activities every day over a sustained period of time.

I know, I sound like a broken record…but there is a point to it.

I invite you to leave your experience in the comment box below.


FEARS – What are you afraid of?

F= Failure
E= Embarrasment
A= Abandoment
R= Rejection
S= Success

FEARS, we all have them. I know I have them and you do too. And they are costing us a fortune. Why? Because they are holding us back from accomplishing what we want to accomplish. What we COULD accomplish. Ships in a harbor are safe, but that’s not what they were build for. They were build to sail.

What are our FEARS as they pertain to network marketing?

F= Failure

There’s the Fear of Failure. We are afraid we will fail in whatever we set out to accomplish. Because of this fear we often set our goals very low. We want to stay in our comfort zone. Be safe. However, this keeps us from growing.

E= Embarrasment

Although we are very excited about our new business opportunity, oftentimes we don’t want to share it with our family and friends because we are afraid what they may think or say about us.

A= Abandonment

There’s the Fear of Abandonment. We may be afraid that our sponsor will leave us and go to the next deal. Or we are afraid that the new person we just sponsored may quit on us. Or, that the team we have build over many months may jump ship and go someplace else. This may rock our belief in our company and stop us dead in our tracks.

R= Rejection

The Fear of Rejection is a big one and one I personally have struggled with for years. Until I learned that that my prospects didn’t reject ME but the opportunity I was presenting. It either wasn’t right for them or the timing wasn’t right. It wasn’t personal. As soon as I learned that, I no longer had any problem with rejections.

S= Success

The Fear of Success is another big one. Oftentimes we are afraid to succeed. Afraid to get to the next level. The “what if’s” start creeping up in our thoughts. What if…I’m not going to be a good leader? What if…I will fail my team? What if…I can’t handle the money I will be earning? (Yeah, as strange as it sounds, some people are afraid of earning 10K, 20K, 30K a month. They’ve never made that kind of money and they can’t imagine how they would handle that.)

The bottom line is, if you don’t get rid of your FEARS you won’t be able to grow. And most certainly you won’t reach your dreams. So, get rid of them!


Who Inspires You?

I have listened to a lot of leaders in my 10+ years in network marketing. Only a handful have really inspired me. Jordan Adler, my upline in SendOutCards is one of them. I listen to him every Monday when he makes his team call and then I listen again to his recordings. Jordan has the ability to paint pictures in my mind. Very vivid pictures. He makes me think. He gets my imagination flowing. He truly inspires me.

Here’s what he shared on one of his first calls of the year and I would like to share it with you.

2010 can be your best year ever. Begin to imagine what life is like living each day without regard to what things cost. Imagine what life is like knowing that when you spend your money it comes back again next month whether you go to work or not. Your bank account is overflowing. Each month, you give excessively to your favorite charities. You see money as a life giving tool that can help people. You feed your source of inspiration by donating your time to worthwhile causes because you have the time and you don’t have to work quite so hard to make your money.

You are in your perfect home with your family.
You are taking the dream trips you have always imagined.

You practice saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘we can’t afford it’. That nagging underlying fear doesn’t exist any longer. You are free. You feel empowered and alive. You have money set aside to secure your future. You have money to invest and to play with. You have more than enough money to live your life exactly the way you want it.

Money isn’t everything but it certainly makes life easier.

Let those pictures run through your mind. Imagine it to be reality. Imagine it in the present. You’re sitting at the beach feeling the warm sun on your skin and the sand between your toes. You hear the sound of the waves and the wind in the palm trees. It’s real. At this moment it is very real.

Have you ever imagined something and then it became reality? Your imagination is a very powerful tool. Keep using it to make your dreams realitiy. Imagine the life Jordan painted for you…because you deserve it!



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