First Page on Google Within Hours – Thanks BetterNetworker!

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Ranking on the first page on Google for a particular keyword or keyword phrase is every internet marketers dream.

Some people work very hard on keyword research or pay top dollars to acquire a spot on the first page of search engines.  Well, I just landed there…again.

But while I claimed a front page spot on Google for a particular keyword before, this was the very first time I did it with an article I posted at the BetterNetworker community. And I did it within hours.

Here’s what happened…

I shared one of my blog posts with the Better Networker community yesterday (Sunday) morning and by last night (that’s when I first checked if any of my keywords were ranking) it had hit the first page on Google with the keyword phrase mlm home based business.

Isn’t that awesome?

Out of about 1,080,000 results, I was number five after the paid ads.

My original blog post “only” made it on page three of Google.

So how come the article I shared with the BetterNetworker community made it on the first page on Google and so quickly?

It’s quite simply!

Google sees BetterNetworker as an important source of information. It has an Alexa traffic rank of 3,870 – as I am writing this – and it gets tons of traffic from visitors all over the world. So Google indexes content from there very quickly because it knows it’s quality content.

So should you be sharing your content on BetterNetworker?


Not only would you be sharing your wisdom and expertise with the community you might even end up on the first page on Google.

What does that mean for you?

You will get more exposure for one thing. And if you are using the new lead generation tool you can attach to your content you will possibly even generate some free leads.

This feature is only available for members of the Association of Better Networkers. But think about it, wouldn’t the low monthly fee of becoming a member be well worth generating some free leads?

I definitely think so!

Especially when you consider buying leads from leads companies. In the past I have been paying up to $5 for a single lead. Well, that was way before I heard about Mike Dillard and Attraction Marketing.

So think about it…

While membership at BetterNetworker is free and you can share your content there without being a member of the Association of Better Networkers, there are great benefits in upgrading to paid member. Just for this little lead capture tool alone. And if you happen to land on the first page on Google with one of your articles or videos this little tool might even generate some free leads for you.

To Your Success…

Ilka Flood
The Enlightened Networker

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If You Have a MLM Home Based Business This Will Scare Your Socks Off

Think the MLM Home Based Business you are building is really yours? Think again?

Imagine this scenario…

You have been building your MLM Home Based Business for the past 10+ years and all of a sudden the company decides to make some radical changes one of which is changing the compensation plan.  You are scrambling to keep your organization but can’t prevent max exodus. The bottom is falling out of what you have been building for years. To top it all off, the company doesn’t like your comments of discontent, sees you as a threat and decides to put a hold on your commission check.  Worse yet, decides to terminate you.

Think it couldn’t happen to you? Think again!

Different scenario…

Very excited you joined a new startup company. It’s just what you were looking for. You put a lot of time and effort in building your team. You’ve got everyone else excited to follow your example and then from one day to the next the company decides to no longer use the network marketing business model. You’re left out in the cold.

News Flash …

You may have been told that you are your own boss building your own business, but if it’s a MLM Home Based Business it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your business belongs to the company you are associated with and you can lose it at any time for any reason!

You are an independent contractor!

Nothing more. You don’t really own your MLM Home Based Business. And if you don’t comply with all of the terms and conditions of the agreement the company spelled out for you ….and may amend at its own sole discretion at any time… it’s “Game Over”.

Scared yet? You should be!

So how do you protect yourself?

Well, you start by reading your company’s Terms of Service, sometimes also called Policies and Procedures or Distributor Agreement. Go through it with a fine-toothed comb and if there’s anything in it you don’t agree with, don’t sign it.

Realize that you are an independent representative of the company which will pay you commissions for selling their products or services as long as you are in good standing with and comply with their rules.

Although you are your own boss you don’t own the MLM Home Based Business you are building.

Build yourself not your company.

Build yourself up as an authority. Develop your strengths. Learn new skills become more marketable. Make a name for yourself in the industry. Network with leaders, shadow them and learn from them.

It’s these skills that once learned you will have forever and which you can take from company to company and build on. So promote yourself not the company you represent.

Invest your income.

Many top income earners in the industry invest their income from their MLM Home Based Business in other markets, like the real estate market for example. Investing your earnings  is a very wise decision should something go wrong with your company. Tip: Always consult a trusted advisor to help you make sound investment decisions.

Yes, you are building a MLM Home Based Business, but the company you represent owns it. They provide you with the product or service, they ship it, they have the overhead, etc. and they pay your commissions. You only do the marketing part.

So, don’t be left in the cold if something should go wrong.

To Your Success…
Ilka Flood
The Enlightened Networker

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