Giving Access to Medical Records After a Car Accident

After you get into a car accident, there are possibilities of sustaining various physical injuries. After sustaining physical injuries, you can file a car accident claim to get financial compensation. However, when you pursue monetary compensation, you must prove that your injuries occurred from a car accident and were not a result of other activity or previous injuries. 

You need to submit medical records to the insurance company when proving bodily injuries. The insurance company also demands the victim to undergo IME, known as individual medical evaluation, where the insurance company will appoint a doctor to evaluate the injuries. Furthermore, the insurance company will also demand your previous medical records to determine the cause of your injuries. 

It is vital to note that your medical records are confidential, and you hold power to preserve them. It would be in your best interest to speak to a car accident attorney in Los Angeles who can help you protect your rights and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. 

You have the right to protect your medical records. 

The insurance company will ask you for previous medical records to determine that your injuries did not happen due to a previous medical condition. For that, the insurance company will ask you to sign a form to grant access to the company to check your previous medical records. However, it is vital to understand that someone can only access your previous medical records with your consent. Without your consent, they do not hold the right to check your previous medical records unless the court orders. 

When it comes to a car accident, you may have to give your consent. This is to prove that your injuries resulted from the car accident and is not any previous medical condition. You can speak to your attorney before signing the consent form with the insurance company. 

Your medical records are crucial to proving your injuries. 

One of the essential components to proving your injuries from a car accident is by providing all the medical records. In order to file a claim, the insurance company will conduct its own investigation along with you providing them with all the evidence of your injuries. The evidence includes your medical records, testimony from your doctor, prescriptions, bills, and more. Remember, before you speak to the insurance adjuster or anyone from the company, speak to your attorney so you do not commit any mistake that could lower your compensation amount.


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