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“GET OUT TO GET IN”! With a growing international presence, NewCo supports New Economy in a new way. FOODLOGICA is now on board. Find out more here.

It’s no secret that ‘business as usual’ continues evolving in today’s innovative global economy. Traditional business models and practices are fading as emergent models adapt to changing perspectives on built, social, environmental and political landscapes. In the venerable pursuit of advancing smart new business in this volatile scene, NewCo stepped up for the New Economy.

With an international presence in progressive cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Austin, Texas, Boulder, Colorado, San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon, NewCo shares savvy business knowledge in a new way. How? Primarily by enabling the world’s most mission-driven, high-growth, disruptive companies changing our economy open up for face-to-face inside look into their business. Rather than meeting in some conference room, NewCos give their presentations on site where they operate. In this way, NewCos ‘GET OUT TO GET IN’, as they get out and share with others in order to get into the economy of the future.


This year, FOODLOGICA is excited to announce it is part of NewCo Amsterdam, joining other local NewCos such as Impact HUB Amsterdam, WeWork, makerLab, sharenl,, Tesla and startup bootcamp.

FOODLOGICA’s NewCo will take place on site at the Amsterdam Food Center, at their ‘garage of the future’ (solar-powered charging station for FOODLOGICA’s fleet of local-food-delivering e-trikes). In short, founder Francesca Miazzo will introduce issues of local food consumption, and the local food paradox. In relation to this paradox, Francesca will then explain FOODLOGICA’s inspiration and main goal.

Not to be missed. Find out more: check out NewCo Amsterdam, check out FOODLOGICA, and ‘get out to get in’! Start shaping tomorrow’s New Economy now!

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*Below a note from our friends at NewCo on how to best register and plan your day!

“It’s been a great challenge to fit all the wonderful companies from the line-up in our schedule, but we did it again. So, from today on, you can plan your journey for NewCo Amsterdam. This is how:

    Find the schedule:

    Click on “TICKETS”, In the right upper corner of the schedule.

    Buy a ticket. Consider becoming a Friend – this is a great way to support NewCo, and you’ll get immediate access to the schedule.

    –> Note: You can only buy 1 ticker per individual, because the schedule you make is linked to your account. If you plan to go together, each person needs their own individual ticket, with a unique email address.

    Find the confirmation from sender ‘Sched’ in your mailbox, to set your profile and credentials – check your junk mail as well.

    –> Note: This is not the ‘Eventbrite’ email.

    Using these credentials, you can now log into the schedule and plan your route.

Don’t panic if you can’t get into the schedule yet. That’s because the schedule is now only open for Friends. This is our way of saying THANK YOU!!! to everybody who helps to support NewCo. If you like to help out as well, you can buy a Friend ticket and make your schedule today. If not, you’ll have to wait until May 20th, when the schedule opens for everybody.

Finally, two important tips for how to make your schedule:

ONE: Take a look at the map (click on the little arrow next to ‘Schedule’). Make sure you know where you’re going and how to get there. We do NOT have transportation services. There is only 30 minutes between sessions, so don’t make it to hard on yourself. Avoid planning consecutive sessions in the Far West and the Middle East.

TWO: Surprise Yourself. Every company will present only once, and availability is limited. Sign up for the companies you really want to visit, and then add companies out of your comfort zone, that you’ve never heard of, which may just happen to be on our route. Be open for new experiences to make the most out of your NewCo day.”

NewCo Amsterdam 2015 timeline:

12 May: Schedule open for Friends & VIPs

20 May: Schedule open for everybody

3 June – midnight: Absolute last day to make your schedule

4 June: Official opening of NewCo Amsterdam; accessible only for HostCo’s and VIPs

5 June: NewCo Amsterdam 2015

6 June: Fill out NewCo Amsterdam survey

Tastes and Traditions of the Old Milan Food Tour – hoover foods

Catch an inside glimpse into the up-and-coming Old Milan Food Tour. With the ‘test phase’ coming to an end, the Italian Old Food Tour edition is ready to launch and fast growing. More here!

While Milan prepares to host one of the biggest events of the century – EXPO 2015, which spotlights how feeding the planet can be energy for life, we launched the Old Milan Food Tour. In this city walking tour, we bring history back to life with stories, secrets, images, delicious smells and tasting experiences.

After months of ’behind the screens’ preparation, we decided it’s time to present the Old Milan Food Tour to the public in order to share what we find to be a great experience. We are also interested in better understanding how the Tour is appreciated by participants, learning what we can do, and if we need, to improve the tour.

The Old City Food Tours are initially realized by Farming the City. After the success of the Amsterdam edition (this month there are also tickets available for special Old Amsterdam Milk Tours!), Food in the Streets was asked to prepare a tour for Milan. Not only because the city will host Expo Milano 2015 with the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ (1st of May – 31st of October), but even more so because Milan is a city that tends to hide its past, holding a story well worth telling. And knowing this story makes you completely change your idea of the city.


The group that joined the first official tour (which was fully booked) consisted of a mix of different people with two things in common: they had an interest for food and for the city they live in. So, we headed off, entering one of the oldest parts of the city.

The Old Milan Food Tour has ten stops. In each stop, we explain something about the history of the city and the area we pass through, relating it to a food product. During the two-hour Tour, we discuss almost all the typical Milanese food products – such as rice and saffron, vegetables, cheese and polenta. Making the tour not only educational but also fun, technical facts are supported by historical images and anecdotes.

During some of the stops, we have arranged tastings of products made by producers selected (by us) for their special relationship with local food tradition and the sustainable approach applied to their daily activities. So far, we concluded partnerships with a producer of raw milk cheese, a supermarket founded by ten farmers, a baker who makes sourdough bread out of locally grown cereals, a shop that mainly sells unpackaged, locally produced products, and a Milanese chocolate producer that opened a shop in the street they had their first factory in to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

We are now doing our last ‘preview’ tours, in which we are fine-tuning the itinerary and the stories we tell. From the beginning of April, we will be ready to offer Tours in English, Italian and Dutch. Of course, we hope to see you there! Maybe during one of the fixed-date Tours (follow Food in the Streets to stay updated), or when you book a tour for yourself and your colleagues, friends, parents, co-workers, or who ever you would like to share this experience with.

For groups between 2 and 16 persons, we accept special requests to personalize the tour with activities like workshops, lectures, lunches, aperitifs and dinners.

For information, single or group subscriptions, special tours and all inquiries, please contact

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