How to Get Better Google My Business Rankings?

Utilizing tools provided by Google to enhance search engine rankings is one of the most basic things. In the digital marketing arena, there are rarely any marketers who don’t pay attention to Google’s algorithms, tools and resources.


Here we are going to talk about one of the most useful tools for the local businesses to get better at search engine result page (SERP) rankings. Google My Business is not completely a new tool for the business. Used with all the other Google services it is in use for years. But now the local businesses have started enhancing it for higher rankings by opting a suitable SEO packages.


But the problem is creating a Google My Business profile is not that enough. Creating the profile won’t be able to get the desired results or higher rankings. To get a better ranking you need to optimize your Google My Business profile. So here we are to tell you how you can optimize Google My Business profile and use it to get better rankings.


Steps To Perform To Get Better Rankings

No doubt the basic step is to carefully fill out all the information required to be published for the Google My Business profile. But apart from just putting information there, we are here with some extra efforts for you. These efforts will make your Google My Business profile stand out from the crowd. Without being panic about the competition, here is how to optimize Google My Business step by step.

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#1. Complete Your Business Profile

The first and most important thing is that you need to complete your Google My Business profile. Here you will have to complete every single column of the required information. Missing anything there in GMB will get you behind your competitors.


#2. Don’t Change Contact Information

The biggest mistake that small and local businesses make is to change their contact information. Whether it is your email, fax or mobile number, don’t change it. If there is something necessary that pushes you to change it, then make new contact information available on GMB. But your priority must be not to change the contact information.

#3. Precise Location

When people search for the local businesses in their area via Google Map, they have two options in front of them. The first option is the online service, they can avail most of the services online. But all the businesses are not online. If you are providing offline services then the customers have to reach you. That is why precise location is necessary while publishing your business on Google.

#5. Use Keywords To Optimize

Keywords play a significant role in digital marketing and search engine marketing. And when it comes to Google My Business, most of the businesses just ignore it. They think they are stuffing keywords on their website and it is enough. But it is not enough, because you need to use keywords in Google My Business profile too.

#6. Explain Services

The services that you provide must be there in your Google My Business. Without explaining all the services you are not going to convert all the leads into your customers. The first thing you have to do is to explain the services, whether it is a food menu or any services or products that you offer.

#7. Be Responsive To Prospects

People who find your business listing on Google My Business will try to reach you. But most of the time the small and local businesses are not responsive. They don’t check for the emails that they receive, they don’t get back to the missed calls from prospects or leads. Reforming to this mistake will help you reach more leads and convert them easily into buying customers.

#8. Get Reviews From Customers

What you say about your brand is important, but what others say about your brand is more important. Reviews are the best method used to advocate your brand through previous customers. Get positive reviews as much as possible from previous customers. It will impress the new leads that see your business.

#9. Be Transparent About Timings, Cost, Etc.

Transparency is the key factor to win over the competitors in Google My Business rankings. If you want your business to rank at the top, then you need a transparent way to explain everything. From your contact information to timing when your business is open or closed and the cost of services that you charge, everything is important.

Why Do You Need To Optimize Your GMB Profile?

The biggest question in the digital marketer’s mind is why they need to optimize their GMB profile. Are there specific reasons behind it? Following are some reasons that may change your perspective about Google My Business optimization.

Higher Rankings

Higher rankings are important for businesses. Whether you are a nationwide brand or you are a local business. You need to get in front of more people. That is why it is a must to optimize your GMB profile. Or you can connect with a reliable SEO reseller partner.

Local Reach

Reaching out to the local customers is important. There is no other effective way than Google My Business Rankings. It will help you improve your rankings in specific locations based on your location on the Google Map. After that, you will get more customers contacting you about your business.


Engaging more with the leads will easily convert them into buying customers. There can be many leads in front of you. But the best way to engage with the leads can be Google My Business. People will jump to your website more if you have listed your business website on Google My Business.


Being listed on Google My Business seems like an authentic brand. Marketing psychology works here and more people will start trusting your brand after having a look at the GMB profile.


There are plenty of ways to identify the right marketing tactics to promote your brand online. Google My Business is one of them and it is one of the best marketing tactics. Not only for the local businesses, but any business with an online or offline presence can utilize it. The more efforts you make to optimize, highlight or make your business profile attractive, the more traffic you get.