How To Install Mister System For Patio Independently?

Mister system for patio is an outdoor cooling device that utilizes evaporation and turns it into dew so that it can be removed through a pipeline that has been designed in such a way. As for technical information, this involves water as the primary source, which flows through a pipe to the engine to be heated. Then, the water will evaporate and become dewdrops that flow back through a special hose. The process of cooling outdoor temperatures aims to maintain humidity when outdoors. Places such as playgrounds, hotels and restaurants use this system to comfort visitors, especially in the summer.

There are many advantages to using a thepatiomistingsystem system for patios, including being able to save energy use which, if calculated, is smaller than using an air conditioner which is also one of the air conditioning products, besides that the use of water is also proven to be more efficient than other cooling machines, this is the reason why are people more interested in using this mister system in their environment. In addition, the advantages of using this device can also be seen from the installation system because it is classified as a simple product in a series, so you can install it yourself based on the instructions provided by the product manufacturer.

What if you still need the guide? So you can ask for help from technicians who are experts in their field, and you can get paid for their work, but if you are interested in trying to assemble it yourself, then there are several steps that you might be able to use as a benchmark for producing this tool to the fullest. Therefore, follow each of the following steps to help you.

Start by connecting the canal to the water source.

As we discussed before, in running this circuit, you need water as the primary source, therefore, start by preparing the water source to be used, but keep in mind, the part you buy will indicate which feature must be connected to the water source. Make sure you choose the correct amount associated with the pipe to the driving machine. So that you are right, prepare it first, and separate the other parts, so they don’t get mixed up. After you have successfully installed it, double-check the connection, this aims to avoid leaks. If the hose leaks, the water flow to the hose could be more optimal.

Pair supply tubing to the hose

After the connection to the water source is adequately installed, then you need to connect the link to the hose, and the hose should be made of an elastic material so that it is easy to grind and shape according to the flow at the nozzle as the mouth of the dew coming out of the hose. Then direct the hose towards the mister system for patio installation area, and make sure each hose is neatly arranged. If possible, lock each corner of the hose using a plastic stake so that the hoses can be engineered tidier and not stepped on by others. Before that, it’s a good idea to measure how far the hose is needed because the size of the hose will affect the machine you have. If it’s too long, you need a device with high pressure and vice versa.

Choose the Right Misting Nozzles

The next step is to make sure the hole or faucet that you want to make as a mouth for removing dew drops, before that you need to measure every distance and position according to the wall of the house or the wall that you use as a medium for attaching the hose, mark it with a colour pencil so that you don’t forget to attach the nozzle later. Besides that, you also need to determine the type of nozzle that will be installed. Here are some tips that you can take into consideration for buying.

  • Make sure the size and type of water pressure in the machine you have and the pressure will affect the nozzle you use.
  • Make sure you buy a nozzle that matches the size of the main pipe or hose connected directly to the water source because if it is of a different size, it will not fit, and if forced, it will cause leaks when used.
  • The availability of nozzles on the market is very varied, not only in terms of shape and size, but considering the manufacturing components, they are usually available in plastic and metal forms.
  • Determining the size of the nozzle also affects the result of condensation discharge because if the nozzle hole is too small, more and more fog will come out, and it will not fall to the ground. Therefore, make sure you buy a nozzle matching the water pressure, hose spacing, and size.
  • There is a type of nozzle that is often referred to as “built-in” where the nozzle will hold water droplets if you turn off the engine because there are also types of nozzles that are not equipped with a built-in feature, so that after the engine turns off the remaining water in the hose will drip, making your floor area is wet and slippery if passed.

You can use some of the tips above as a benchmark for a more straightforward method, and then you can consult the product seller and describe everything in detail to get the nozzle product you want.

Connect the nozzle with the hose that circulates water

After you have enough equipment and the correct type of nozzle, the next step is to punch a hole in the hose that has been marked according to the nozzle installation position. When making a hole in the hose, try not to make it too big, it would be better if you make it smaller, so it is denser when the nozzle is plugged in. When attaching the nozzle, you need to press it until it goes in. Avoid the nozzle that is not tightly connected to the hose because there will be potential leaks. What if you make the hole too big? So that the nozzle is loose? Then use an additional bolt the size of the nozzle. Double the lock and wrap it with rubber on the outside if necessary.

Last Step

Suppose you have succeeded with the steps above. In that case, you can say that your circuit has been installed, but before trying it, check again at every angle, starting from the main hose series to the water source, then the hose flow that you are using and make sure there are no errors that can cause a leak after everything looks fine, please start turning on the engine to move the machine. For its use to last longer, you should carry out regular checks, such as cleaning the hose area that might be leaking.

Each step needs to be done carefully so that the results are maximized. Good luck.