In the Pipeline—Google Negotiating for Cloud-based Locker

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Rumors started to circulate that Google will launch its new digital music service which will involve cloud based digital locker. This service will enable users to store their music for $25 on an annual commitment.

Google has started reaching out to different record labels hoping that they will jump into the deal which will allow them to share access to their music. Part of the deal involves a feature that would let online users to listen and browse through the online store without purchasing them. Instead of downloading the music file, users will just need to store them in the music locker then listen to them later on.

Unlike the conventional way of purchasing music file which only allows 30 seconds of snippet; Google’s music service feature will let its subscriber’s friend to listen to the purchased music files at least once without having to buy it themselves.
This idea of offering a digital storage locker is actually a retry from an initial attempt made by another company a decade ago by MP3Tunes website owned by Michael Robertson. He was the first to launch internet based music services at this website.

He introduced this kind of music service adding online streaming of music but his initial attempt puts him in a lawsuit with Universal Music.
Part of Universal Music’s lawsuit against MP3Tunes was emphasizing that the latter was violating copyright issues by acquiring music files illicitly. At present, MP3Tunes is battling another lawsuit with another record label, EMI for the same case of music copying.

Google’s attempt to connect the public to its cloud based music services would have been the first time since the failed attempt of MP3Tunes. While streaming providers like Rhapsody and MOG have invaded the industry of online music services, there are some of their features that users dislike. Most of them still prefer to download the files onto their computer. Maybe they have several reasons of not trusting the online locker.

Following MP3Tunes attempts to introduce online music locker to the public were Apple’s Lala which would have been iTunes version of online locker. Lala has ceased operation. Another player is Best Buy’s newly acquired Napster.

Establishing another media service is Google’s way of expanding its social network. With the desire of record labels to continuously profit from online users, selling the rights remains impossible.

Google has tried every means to convince the big record labels to let them take over the media industry. In fact, it has hired a lawyer who will take care of the negotiations on every piece of the way. Whether the record labels would sign in the deal with Google or not, remains a question to most of us.

This thing is for sure—the profit, generated and project from the music industry will never drop hence the interests of record labels to take full control of the business remain. It will always be the music giants’ prerogative to protect copyrights of its artists. This has been the way they have been doing business.


SEO India: The Best Choice for Outsourcing SEO

In the internet era, almost everyone uses World Wide Web for the fundamental and business requirements. Hence a tough competition runs among the companies to remain on the high rank in chief search engines. And for this, it is essential to pick ethical SEO India. It is not enough to have a website for your business that looks beautiful only. In fact, offering the best products and services also doesn’t guarantee for the desired profits if it doesn’t reach the target market. Hence you must opt for best SEO service to be successful in online business marketing.


One of the mot important features that distinguish SEO India from others is their dexterity. They are just pro in dealing with any kind of project irrespective of size and scope. Both small and large businesses can take advantage of their services. They have proven their merit in handling multi-projects at a stipulated time. More prominently they are able to satisfy all kinds of client problems and necessities.

Cost Effective

The most important about SEO India is that clients can get access to search engine optimization services at rates that are significantly lower, in comparison to SEO companies in other countries. A number of reasons work behind this fact including the most important low cost of labor in India. Because of this, Indian companies find an opportunity to triumph over other such companies in terms of low pricing.

Easy Accessibility

Once you consider using search engine optimization services, you will want to decide the best and affordable company for your business. Here SEO India steps in to help you get high leads and traffic to you sites by giving it top page rank. What’s more, you can avail their services with no trouble. Simply speaking, there are many companies involved in this industry to grant affordable services. Hence you don’t need to wait to for your SEO project. By hiring SEO India, you are definitely going to save both your time and money that will boost the sales of your business.


How to Gain More Followers from Your Social Media Profile

Social media marketing is an affordable and effective way of advertising your business to prospective clients. All you have to do is find those who might be interested in your products or services and add them to your network. What better way of building a huge network of potential clients. However, if your social media following isn’t growing as fast as you would like, maybe it’s because something is missing from your social media profile.

Here ATAK Interactive, a Los Angeles SEO company suggest what every social media page should have:

Get a Widget

One great tool to use is a widget that can be added to any online published blog post or article. Simply add this online tool to your web articles and blog posts and if your readers enjoy reading your post, they can link it to their own web page. When their site visitors see their page and click on to the link where your content exists, this is how more visitors start to trickle in to your site. Many businesses have gained a following of hundreds of new visitors just by adding widgets to their websites.

‘Completely’ Fill Out Your Social Media Profile

Many social media users fail to fill out their profile to its entirety. Remember, if you want to gain more followers, you have to make your profile interesting. Simply placing the product or service you’re promoting is not enough. People want to know more about you ‘the person’ first then more about your business. First impressions count, especially when it comes to social media advertising. If you don’t immediately capture the attention of your audience, they will get bored and leave your page.

Add Your Bio

When some people sign up for social media sites they become so anxious to post new content that they neglect posting a complete bio. You don’t have to post your entire professional resume; at least post detailed information about yourself. It doesn’t hurt to post a little info about your personal life as well. For example, you can post something about your hobbies or what you like to do when you’re not at work. If you like camping and hiking with your family, mention that on your profile page. You’d be surprise how many people will be interested in hearing about what you do when you’re offline. Don’t forget, the bio section of a social media page is usually the first page that people read. Make sure you include either a photo or a company logo to your profile page.

Other Important Things to Add to Your Profile…

Make sure you include your location. This will help people to easily locate you. To increase traffic to your official website(s) make sure you include relevant links. If you want to really impress your social media fans, add videos of your business to your website.

Although it is highly suggested to post personal information about yourself, don’t reveal too much information. Posting last Friday’s happy hour photos is not a good idea. You want to present professionalism on your social media site(s) …you don’t want to be viewed as a party animal.

Building your social media profile will help you to build credibility among your followers and it shows that you are an expert on what you’re trying to promote.


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