Earning Through Affiliate Schemes Without Owning A Website

Affiliate marketing can be an excellent way to make money online, but for those who lack either the finances or technical knowledge to set up an affiliate website, it can be daunting.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting someone else’s product, in exchange for a percentage of any sales. You are given an affiliate link which is unique to you, and any time someone clicks your link and buys the product, you are paid.

However, if you’re looking to dip your toe into affiliate marketing, you could start off without having your own website, removing the need for start up capital or any knowledge of web design.

One way to do this is to use community pages such as Squidoo. Squidoo allows you to create a “lens”, which is a basic page containing images, text and links. A Squidoo lens is best described as a cross between a Facebook profile and a blog. If you pick a particular product or group of products to promote, you can set up a Squidoo lens with a review and information about the product, along with your affiliate link.

Another way to use affiliate marketing is to post articles on article directories such as Ezine Articles and Article Base. You can write a positive review of a product with your affiliate link at the bottom. There are hundreds of article directories online, but it would probably be worth concentrating on the most popular directories.

Another way to promote your affiliate product is by making videos and posting them to YouTube. Depending on the product you’re promoting, you may be able to make a video showing how to use it, or promoting some of it’s features, and offer your affiliate link in the video description.

The main benefit of all of these methods is that you don’t have the same need to generate traffic to your link as you would if you set up your own website, as these sites all have their own internal linking system. Driving traffic is one of most difficult things to do with a new website, so eliminating this allows you to concentrate on posting your affiliate link to more places.

Another good way to promote your affiliate product is through Facebook or Twitter. There are many websites selling Twitter followers and Facebook friends, so with only a small outlay you can have a large number of people to post your affiliate link to. Even though most are unlikely to actually buy the product, even a tiny percentage buying can lead to a significant profit.

Introduction To Micro Niche Sites

Every now and again, a new money-making scheme becomes hugely popular among Internet Marketers. For most of the successful Internet Marketers, these schemes are all short-term money spinners, before the market becomes saturated and they become less profitable. An example of this is autoblogging, which was a huge trend a few years ago, and generated a lot of cash for those who got in on the act early, but now autoblogging has become so saturated, and Google has penalised autoblogs so extensively, that the level of work required to make an autoblog successful and profitable makes autoblogging a far less attractive scheme for most Internet Marketers.

A similar trend came afterwards, in the form of Micro Niche sites. The concept is that while big sites dominate the best keywords – the most profitable, or the keywords with the highest search volume – these sites are usually designed to compete for the best terms, leaving millions of search terms with little competition. A Micro Niche site is a website which is created specifically to target these long tail keywords.

So why are Micro Niche sites so popular? Generally, they’re easy to generate traffic for. If you plan to create a site around the topic of technology, for example, the chances of your site being ranked highly enough in the search engines to generate any traffic for the term Technology is very, very slim. The term Technology Advancements, or even Technology Advancements 2011? Your site may hit page 2 or 3 in Google, maybe even page 1 with a good SEO campaign, but is unlikely to generate enough traffic to make a good income, without a great deal of hard work. A longer term, such as Technology Advancements Movies would be far to easier to rank for. Although the number of people searching for the longer term is far less, by creating a site dedicated to that term you should be guaranteed the vast majority of the traffic from those searches.

The beauty of Micro Niche websites is that the minimal amount of work is required for each site. For most small niches, a few unique, keyword-rich articles, some onpage optimisation and a few relevant backlinks is usually plenty to reach page one for that domain, particularly if you can get an exact match domain, such as technologyadvancementsmovies.com. Once you’ve reached the first page, preferably in the top 3 results, no real maintenance is required. Unlike autoblogging, Micro Niche sites are in no way blackhat or against Google’s terms of service, so your site can generate good income from Google Adsense adverts.

Because Micro Niche websites are so simple to set up and maintain, the process can be repeated many times over. The amount of income which each site generates will be relatively small, but several sites can be created each week, allowing you to build a much larger income. Some people have reported upwards of 100 Micro Niche websites generated around $1 per day each; while this may not seem like much, over $3000 would be accumulated each month.