Jewellery Packing Tips While Travelling

Prepping for your next vacation? We know you sure must be super excited, it’s the perfect time to take out all your favourite outfits and slay in style. Accessorising your outfits with matching fine jewellery can further enhance your look. But travelling with all different sorts of jewellery pieces like necklaces, rings, earrings can be a little tricky and it requires you to pack them carefully so that you don’t waste your precious time untangling them during the vacation. Explore here some amazing tips to travel with your favourite jewellery tension-free.

  1. Know What Jewellery to Carry: Before you start packing, it’s best to take some time out to sit down and figure out what do you want to take along? While you may be tempted to carry your most precious, and sentimental jewellery, it would be a better idea to leave those behind. Shortlist the jewellery pieces basis the outfit that you are going to wear, is it a beach vacation you are going to? Or is it someplace cold where you are going to be bundled up in warm clothes? Or is it a wedding that you are going to attend? Brands like Melorra have fine jewellery designs that fit all occasions and even effortlessly match western wear, visit this page to be swept away with trendy designs. Always remember to travel light and easy, so don’t hurdle up too many pieces which can confuse your look too.
  2. Pack Artificial Jewellery and fine Jewellery Separately: A big mistake that most often women make is to pack their fashion jewellery along with gold jewellery. Fine jewellery pieces are delicate and need to be handled carefully, there could be every chance that they may break, or knot up more while handling.
  3. Use Tin Containers: Save that chocolate, and mint tin containers and make the most of them to pack your earrings in while travelling. You can use small plastic pouches to separate the earrings from each other, and put cotton in the tin as a base to further secure your jewellery.
  4. Use Drinking Straws to Pack Necklaces: Carry only lightweight necklaces while travelling, and a trick to keep them from tangling to each other is to use the dinking straws! All you need to do is to thread in one side of the chain and then securely lock it. You can now place these in one single jewllery box and you are all set.
  5. Use Jewellery Roll Pouches: Easily available in the market, you can buy a couple of jewellery roll pouches to carry your precious jewellery around while travelling. These pouches come with separate zipped compartments to place your jewellery and then can be simply rolled up. These pouches occupy very little space, make it convenient while packing.

Another very important thing to be mindful of is that you don’t put your fine jewellery in check-in baggage, keep it with you in the bag that you are carrying around for peace of mind. While at the hotel, you can use the locker provided in the room to ensure they are locked away safely while you are enjoying yourself.


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