North Gaia Floor Plans Based on the Room Types

There are several aspects to decide on purchasing a residence. Determining the location of the residential area is crucial. Strategic locations mean the residents will get easier access. The availability and close access to public infrastructures have a high impact on the life of the residents. A close public infrastructure available near the residential area makes the residents get easy access everywhere. In case of emergency, these factors play an essential role. The location and availability of the public infrastructures are examples of the external determining factor while purchasing a residence. The internal determining factor also plays an essential role as the external factors.

Determining Factors of Purchasing a Residence

Internal determining factors that play an important role in purchasing a residence include every related thing to a residential building. The aesthetic shape of the building, the ventilation, windows, building durability, inner facilities, and leisure spots are examples of the internal determining factors.

Sing Holdings is famous for its aesthetic modern executive condominiums. They target a modern market that seeks timeless and stylish interior and exterior designs. They have created multiple durable and esthetics residential units with multipurpose functions. The residential condo has a modern design highlighting large windows and glasses for sufficient sunlight and ventilation. These two things are crucial to keep the mold from developing in the house. These things are also essential for the residents’ health. The leisure and relaxation spots are the places for the residents to enjoy inside the residential area. Pool, garden, benches, and so on are examples of the relaxation spots in the residential area. Some shops, food courts, and other muti function buildings in the residential area provide easy and fast access. This feature will allow them to find their necessary items or service without going outside the residential area.

North Gaia Floor Plans Based on the Room Types

 North Gaia Room Type 

There are four room types available in North Gaia floor plans  executive condominium. The first type consists of 2 bedrooms. The second type consists of 3 bedrooms. The third type consists of 4 bedrooms. The fourth type consists of 5 bedrooms.

The first room type is suitable for a single person who seeks a minimalist residential unit. Having two bedrooms can function as the main bedroom and guest room. The second room type is suitable for young families or newlyweds. Owning three bedrooms condo can serve as the main bedroom, kids’ bedroom, and guest room. The third and fourth room types are suitable for a big family. However, you can purchase a larger room type even though you leave it alone. A larger room type can be suitable if you seek vast living space. You can have more freedom in arranging your room and decorating them. You can transform some vacant rooms for other purposes such as a library, home office, or storage room.

North Gaia Floor Plan

The developer has not launched the official floor plan of the North Gaia executive condominium. You need to ask their contact person to get the floor plan exclusively. However, Sing Holdings mentions that besides the bedroom, the condo consists of a patio, balcony, terrace, and some ledges for the air conditioner. You can contact the developer for a clear description of the floor plan. You can portray how you arrange and decorate your condo once you have the official floor plan. Besides the floor plan, you will get up-to-date information regarding the condominium. That will be beneficial for you as the buyer.


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