How to Keep Up With Changes to Favorite Websites on-site manager inc

How do you keep up with changes to your favorite websites? RSS feeds are great for websites that support them, but what about websites that do not support RSS? A great way to keep up with websites that don’t support RSS, is by using a free service called Diphur.

With Diphur, you can add websites as bookmarks and then get notified (via email) when there are changes to those websites. Diphur is not just for websites that don’t support RSS though, you can also use it for social media sites and any other website that has textual content.

Let’s take a look at how Diphur works.

Getting Started

1. Click on the “click here to create your new account” button on the home page to create your free Diphur account. Be sure to click on the activation link in your email.

Add New Bookmarks

2. Click on the “Add New Bookmark” button on the verification page; if you’re on the home page, you’ll see the “Add New Bookmark” button at the top right of the Popular Bookmarks feed.

Note: You can also add the bookmarklet to your browser, which will allow you to add bookmarks from anywhere on the Web. You’ll find the bookmarklet at the bottom of the Settings page.

3. Enter the following information for your bookmark:

  • Web Address/URL (required).
  • Title (required) – clicking on the “Prefill” button will automatically grab the title and description of the URL.
  • Description of the website – not required.
  • Tags (required) – you can use up to 5 tags; separated by a slash (/); no spaces are allowed.
  • Choose to make your bookmark public or private.
  • Choose how often to check the website for changes (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), what percentage of changes to look for (all, 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%) and what time to deliver the changes to your email.
  • Keywords and sentences that the changes must contain (not required, but may be helpful).

4. Once your bookmark has been added, you’ll see it listed under “My Bookmarks.” You can delete it, edit it, add it as a favorite, and see who else has bookmarked it on Diphur.

Change Your Settings

5. Now that you’ve got the hang of adding new bookmarks, you’ll want to go to the Settings page so that you can further customize the service.

  • Account – you can customize the number or rows to display (for your bookmarks), customize the subject line of your notification emails, and change your time zone.
  • Import bookmarks – you can import your bookmarks from other websites like Delicious via an HTML file.
  • Export bookmarks – you can export your bookmarks from Diphur to another website like Delicious or Diigo.
  • Change password – in case you need to change your password.
  • Change email – in case you need to change your email.
  • Delete account – in case you want to delete your Diphur account.

As you can see, Diphur is a pretty straightforward service. Simply add the websites that you want to keep up with and you’ll receive new updates in your email. It’s as simple as that.

What are your thoughts on Diphur? Would you use a service like this to keep up with website changes?

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Import Delicious Bookmarks To Google Bookmark on-site manager inc

Few days back there was a news, flashing that Delicious is going to shutdown. But later the source announced that Delicious will not shutdown but they will sell it. Currently, it is a popular  place for online bookmarks. But if  you want to import your important bookmarks from Delicious to Google bookmark, you can give the web app Delicious-export a try.
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This nifty tool is well enough to import your bookmarks to Google without any hassle. Delicious has its own export service to export bookmarks. You can export from there and later import them in Google bookmark – so complicated! Delicious-export has made things more easier.

Delicious-export features

  1. This application is more flexible and provides the facility of logging in with both Yahoo user id and the old Delicious account credentials.
  2. Basically it is quite fast when moving your bookmarks. Optionally, it allows you to select your bookmarks that would be transferred.
  3. The most handy thing is that the tags in the delicious bookmarks automatically converted to Labels for Google Bookmarks when transferring.

So, if you are not sure about the future of Delicious, you can be at safe side by importing your Delicious Bookmarks in Google Bookmarks.

Import your Delicious Bookmarks to Diigo (How To) on-site manager inc

Delicious,Yahoo’s popular bookmarking service will be closing down soon.

If you want to move your bookmarks to other services then here is a solution.

You can use the export tool in Delicious to easily get a copy of your bookmarks in html file and then import the file to a bookmarking service Diigo as an example.

Export Your HTML from Delicious

Log in to your Delicious Account and then go to Settings link at the top-right.

On the Settings page you need to click on the link to Export / Backup Bookmarks option.

Now in this step you need to include tags and notes and then click on Export.

Export Delicious Bookmarks To Diigo

Diigo is one of the online bookmarking site.To use Diggo you will have to sign up with which is free.

After log in to Diggo dashboard you will see a link “Import Your Delicious Bookmarks”.Cilck on the link.

Now in next page you will have to import the bookmarks file which you exported in the earlier step.

You just now successfully imported your bookmarks from Delicious to your Diigo Account.

How To Transfer Bookmarks To Another Browser on-site manager inc

If you are Internet addicted like me then you must like to read your favorite sites every day. If the list is long then some it become tough to remember url of each sites. So every browser has a bookmark option by which you can easily access the sites from the Bookmark list without typing the url.

But if you use more than one browser then bookmarking your favorite site url in each of them is so boring. Generally, you use to open those sites from the bookmark list in your older browser and copy the urls from the address bar, then paste in the new browser’s address bar. Oops! Not so productive method! Is there any method to reduce the boredom? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Almost every browser has the option to import and export the bookmark list in HTML format. In your browser menu bar, find out the Bookmark export option. Export the Bookmark list in HTML format. Now import that HTML file in each browser where you want to save those. If you are using Firefox then click on “Bookmarks” menu and select “Organize Bookmarks…”.

In the upcoming window choose the list under “All Bookmarks”. You can choose either “Bookmarks Menu” or “Bookmarks Toolbar”. Now click on “Import and Backup” option then select “Export”.

Chose the location to save the HTML file and click on “Save”. Now you are ready to import that HTML file in any browser.

For instance, I’m describing the import method for Google Chrome browser. Open your Google chrome browser. Expand the setting button from the top right of the browser. Click on “Bookmark manager”.

Now select “Tools > Import bookmarks..”.

After that just locate the exported HTML file and click on “Open”.

Though the above method was for Google Chrome you can apply it for any other browser.

Note: By exporting the Bookmark list, you can save it for later use.

4 Best Alternatives To Delicious on-site manager inc

Popular social bookmarking site Delicious is shutting down.Here is a list of four best alternatives to Delicious for you.

1. Diigo: Diigo is not just a social bookmarking site infact it is social networking through sharing of knowledge.You have the option to collect and organize bookmarks,can highlight webpages,add sticky notes to any part of the webpage.With Diigo you can read bookmarks offline reader from your iPhone.Diigo can be accessed anywhere from any browser,PC,iPhone,Android or your iPad.

2. Google Bookmarks: Google Bookmarks is easy to use and one of the popular bookmark.You can create a new list, organize your bookmarks into lists or sort them sort by title or date.

3. Evernote:Evernote is more than a social bookmarking site.Users can snap a photo,type a text note,can research sites and clip pages directly from your browser,can create notes from Twitter and save tweets which you like in Twitter. Users can keep a file of anything they want to buy online or in a store near you.Evernote works with fine with Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile devices.

4. Pinboard: Pinboard is a good alternative for delicious and is the fastest bookmarking site.The features of Pinboard includes adding bookmarks as private users want,auto bookmark URLs from a Twitter or delicious, can show bookmarks by last date clicked, can make certain tags invisible to other users,has Gmail like star interface for tracking the favorites.

However, this is not a free service as you need to pay a fee of $8.67.With Pingboard you will never loose your bookmarks. Have you imported your Delicious bookmarks? If not then, go through our article Import your Delicious Bookmarks to Diigo (How To) and let us know about your views in comment section!

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