Organic Growth vs Inorganic Growth: Which is Better for Your Business?

Organic growth is the process of increasing traffic to your website organically. In contrast, inorganic growth is the process of using paid search ads, social media, and other paid marketing channels to increase traffic to your website.

Here’s how organic and inorganic growth can improve your business: 

Inorganic Growth Increases Brand Awareness

Inorganic growth is one of the most effective ways for brands to achieve higher rankings on search engines. However, it can be dangerous for brands if they are not careful about how they implement it.

The main goal of this strategy is to create an opportunity for the company to get discovered and find new customers while increasing the visibility of a brand and generating more traffic.

Inorganic growth has been around for as long as search engine optimization itself, but it has recently become more popular in the digital marketing industry because it allows companies to target different audiences at different stages of their life cycles.

Organic Growth Can Increase Traffic at No Cost

Organic growth is one of the most important ways to increase traffic. It is the process of increasing your website’s visibility without spending any money on paid advertising.

Organic growth can be achieved by making changes to your website or content, which will have a positive effect on your SEO ranking. 

Inorganic Growth Helps You Reach a Wider Audience

Inorganic growth helps businesses reach a wider audience because they are able to target specific demographics and geographies with the use of paid advertisements.

This form of digital marketing can also help your business get the word out about your product or service in the most effective way possible in order to get customers and make more sales. 

Organic Growth Requires Minimal Time Investment

Organic search has been a major part of the marketing process for a long time. But, with the advent of SEO agencies, organic search is no longer as time-consuming. SEO agencies can provide you with all the tools and skills needed to rank high on SERPs in a short period of time.

SEO agencies are able to do this because they have an understanding of what it takes to rank highly in Google’s algorithm and have the necessary tools and skillset to make it happen. 

They are able to optimize your web content for better rankings, provide you with high-quality backlinks, and even help you create videos that will be seen by more people online.

Inorganic and Organic Growth Grow Revenue

Overall, it’s crucial that a business uses both inorganic growth and organic growth. Through the forms of organic search and paid advertisements, you will not only see a growth in your revenue but also your traffic, a larger target audience, plus they are both great ways to generate new customers. 

However, it truly depends on your company’s budget and goals as to which you choose to implement. But keep in mind, you can never go wrong with both. 


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