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America’s best and brightest are angry at being forced into decades of servitude by the overwhelming weight of debt undertaken for the betterment of one’s self and society. It’s certainly no secret that Student Loans have become this nations largest category of debt and their size continues to grow at a torrid pace. SLR has identified 233 different Congressional and State Governmental Bills and Policies, creating more than 300 different programs that can provide assistance to those that either need it or deserve it. Assistance that includes loan forgiveness, interest rate reduction, payment postponement, and immediate payment reduction according to Jason Spencer Student Loan.

Student Loans Relief offers its clients an affordable way to make their Federal Student Loan debt easier to manage. Their consultants work with borrowers to identify the best combination of Federal, State, and/or Local programs, given their financial needs. SLR will then create an implementation strategy that will maximize the impact of each program for the borrower’s unique situation. Participation in any of the programs will never negatively affect the borrower’s credit.  But may, in some instances, improve their credit score according to Jason Spencer Student Loan.

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We have all been told there is nothing anyone can do about their Student Loan debt, aside from paying it off in full. If you don’t pay, the government will garnish your wages, take your belongings, and take your spouse’s tax return. At Student Loans Relief Dallas we have a team of researchers that tirelessly scour new Congressional Bills for statues and programs that are buried within them that help our clients. We also follow legislation that is in the pipeline to be voted on in both the House and Senate. Currently, there are 11 Bills on the docket that would provide substantial assistance to Student Loan borrowers.

It comes as a surprise to most to learn that both Federal and State governments have passed a number of laws to help borrowers.  Unfortunately, they failed to tell anyone about it. The failure by our government to effectively communicate the creation of hundreds of programs to assist borrowers is a problem.  But at least it’s a problem with a possible solution. Thus while we have all been led to believe that the problem is that there is no help for student loan borrowers.  The actual problem was one of effective communication of the help created for student loan borrowers.  And of how to go about enrolling oneself in the little-known programs.

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Communication of the programs is difficult because many of them are not found in stand-alone legislation. They are buried within other legislation and there is no way of knowing they exist, aside from reading every Bill that gets passed by both Houses of Congress and signed by the President. An example is that in section 5201 and 10908 of the

[Health Care Reform Bill __title__ Health Care Reform Bill] a number of new programs benefiting borrowers were created.  But few noticed because it’s in a Health Care Reform bill on page 486.

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The complexity of the application, qualification, and maintenance creates a need for the existence of an organization providing assistance. Universities Financial Aid Counseling does an amazing job at helping student borrow enough to meet their rising tuition costs.  But they fail to provide adequate if any, direction once the student has graduated.

One of our clients said the lack of any advice when he did his exit interview with the financial aid office was akin to facing a cross country journey.  And your “guide” providing you with just a local city bus pass, when you needed an airplane ticket. However, at Student Loan Relief we do our best to put every client in a first class seat for their journey.  But taking over managing the entire process on their behalf.

 Communication of the Programs quality loan service

Discovering that a Student Loans Relief Inc program exists is the easy part of the process, the much more challenging aspect of the process is complying with the extensive list of requirements. The requirements usually include a myriad of “if-then” statements.  That can create a daunting task for anyone that does not have their Ph.D.’s in Law. In the rare instance, a borrower can locate a program.  And comply with requirements to participate, more hurdles exist.  Often the federal government gives borrowers just one chance to change their loan.

This often leads to selecting a program that doesn’t maximize the benefits available.  And there is no way of changing it back. Another formidable hurdle is that many of the programs require additional work each year.  And the work required can change from year to year. For example, the  [William D. Ford Act __title__ William D. Ford Act)] created, arguably, the best Student Loans Relief plans to date when it was signed into law in 2008 and funded in 2010.  But Bill numbers 33 pages while the amendments to the Bill number 52 pages to date according to Jason Spencer Student Loan.

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Our nation often looks upon government programs with disdain.  However, we believe Student Loan Relief plans should not be seen in the same light. The borrowers that need assistance have done everything right in life. They were told to study hard in high school so that they could get into the best possible college. And they did. They were told not to worry about the cost of college because a degree is worth millions over your lifetime.

So they didn’t. They were told to study something they love. And not to let money be the only deciding factor in their future. And many of them did. They were told to get a degree no matter the cost.  Because they would not be employable in the new global marketplace without one. Therefore our nations best and brightest did what their parents and society told them to do.  However, the 17-year-old kid that went to NYU has to make $3500 a month payments six months after graduation.  And since he can’t make that teaching in his first few years.  He is forced to take a management position at Abercrombie instead of pursuing his passion for education.


In conclusion Student Loan Relief Dallas, Inc has created a program that assists our nations best and brightest in times of need.  Also, rewards them for choosing to enter into occupations of National Need. We do this through the discovery, application, qualification, and maintenance of State, Federal and Private programs created on their behalf. However, we hope to help this nation’s 37 million student loan borrowers throw off the shackles of servitude binding them from pursuing the lives they deserve according to Jason Spencer Student Loan.

Student Loan Relief of Texas has developed programs that will assist nearly every one of the 40 million Americans that currently carry Student Loan debt. Whether you have defaulted or struggling to keep up with monthly payments.  However, we can help lower your loan payments if you’re in need of help. Also, there’s nothing wrong with accepting the assistance provided, we are here to help!

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