3 Quick Ways to Secure Google Account secured services llc

Google accounts or more commonly known as Gmail account is one of the commonest, yet most important parts of today’s life. There are also quite a few threats for your account in the internet. The commonest of them is the threat of account hacking and identity theft. If you cannot decipher the symptoms properly, then you won’t be able to understand if your Google account is under threat or not.

You can learn that trick and find out if your account is threatened or not. It is also known that prevention is better than cure. So, if you can find a way to secure your Google account, you no longer have to worry about these threats and problems. There are quite a few ways which can help you to secure your account, but here you will come across only three of the simplest and quickest ways of securing your Google account from the threats.

Monitor the account activities

First and simplest of the ways is to monitor your account activity. At the bottom of your Gmail inbox, you will find the last account activity indicator and it will show you the time and date of your last account activity.

If you want to know more about the last account activities, then you need to click in the details link and you will get the required information.

Here you will come to know about the IP address from where the account was accessed. So, it will become easier for you to trace the foul play, if there is any. If you find that there is an unusual IP address, then you can click on the alert button and every time you account is accessed from any IP other than yours, you will get the alert.

Revoke the permission of unwanted apps

Various websites and apps can ask for your permission regarding accessing your Gmail account. If you access a lot of such sites and apps, then they can get access to your Gmail account long after you have stopped using them. In order to check that, you need to open the ‘account settings’ page on Google, then you need to link the edit link.

When you enter your password, you will get to see the names of the sites and apps which have access to your account.

If you do not want to use that app or website anymore, then you can click the revoke access link and remove them  from access list.

Never share personal data in Google profile

If you check the Google Dashboard, then you will find out how much Google knows about you. In order to find that, you need to click the ‘visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen’ link and you will get this link from the account setting page.

From here you will come to know about the information which you are sharing with the internet and other Google users. If you do not want to share a specific data, then you can protect that data.

This is the three ways which will help you to protect your Google account. With the help of these simple and quick steps you will be able to make sure that your account is completely secure. Knowing about them will also help you to manage your account in a better and more convenient way.

Want more security?

How to Set Up Google’s 2-Step Verification For 2-tier Security Of Your Google Account secured services llc

Today, Email has taken the place of letter which was earlier used by everyone. We use email to send or receive information in on daily basis. Sometimes, we send private information through the email, but in today’s world this is not secure your information. Your email account may be hacked by someone, because only the password isn’t enough to secure your email account. For this type of problems, Google has now integrated a 2 step verification method to give more security for Gmail accounts.

In this process, you are to give a password and also a verification code. The verification code is use only one time, next time it requires you to give different code received via SMS on your Android, BlaceBerry and iPhone as well as the other mobile phones. If you are using landlines, it will come as a voice-mail. This unique verification code gives you the 2-tier security.

Steps to Setup Two Step Verification for your Gmail account

Step 1. Log in your Gmail account and expand the Settings menu by clicking on it,which is on the right side of the window and then click on Account settings. You can land directly to the Account setting page by clicking this google settings link provided that you are already signed in with your Google account credentials.

Step 2. Now you can see a personal setting box in which you will find Using 2-step  verification. Click on this option.

Step 3. A confirmation page appears. You have to click on Set up 2-step verification from the bottom-left side. This process generates a unique code which gives you the additional security with the privilege of accessing your Google account only to you.

Step 4. After clicking on the button as stated above, a new page will open asking about your phone information which one you are using. You will receive the code on this phone. If you are using Android then select Android.

Step 5. After selecting the phone, you have to install Google Authenticator from Android Market.  Download and install it.

Step 6. Configure Google Authenticator and there are two options present there.

First application on Google Authenticator is to use your smart phone for scanning the QR code that is displayed on the screen. Now click on scan account barcode of Google Authenticator application of your phone (Android or anything else).

If you are not able to see the code, it is better to configure account manually by clicking on Manually add Account. After selecting it, you’ll have to enter the email address with your secret key (received on the phone model you use).

Step 7. Now click on Time based and then click on Save.

You will receive your account verification code in the Android phone at Google Authenticator Application. Write down the number in a notebook and click on Next.

Now enter the code and click on Verify. After your code is verified and you are done with the device configuration, click on Next.

Step 8. You’ve completely configured your phone. If you are going to log in and the phone is currently not with you then what does happen that you cant be able to log-in. For this problem, there is a backup option in order to receive the verification codes. Again click on Next to set up the backup options.

The first option of this backup page is Printable backup codes. You can print these codes and take it along with you any time.

Second option is to add a mobile or land-line number. If you have added a mobile number, you will receive the code through SMS and in case of land line number, you will receive it via voice message.

Step 9. When all the processes are completed, click on Turn on 2-step verification.

From right now when you log-in to your account, you’ll have to give the password with the unique verification code.  The code will be changed after every log-in and you will receive it on Google Authenticator in your Android phone.

Create the specific passwords for applications

There are some applications in the Google which are not ready to support verification code. In order to secure those services you can create Application Specific Password.

1. When you sign-in for the first time after creating 2-step verification process, you will receive a message to create Application-specific Passwords. Click on Create Passwords.

2. After click on Create password, a page will open, in which you can see the numerous application for which you are allowed to generate a new password.

3. Click on Generate password and you will receive the password that you just created.

When an application do not support the verification, you can use specific password for it. So that any one can’t get into your account through the password you used when accessing the applications.

Revoke the 2-Step Verification from your account

If you think that there is no need of the two step verification for your Gmail account, you can deactivate it. First go to the Account management page and then click on “Turn off 2-step verification”.

The steps are bit long but once you follow the steps and create two step verification, actually you are secured with your account. If anyone mange to hack your account password, he won’t be able to access your account because he is unable to get your verification code. Create the  two step verification and enjoy the freedom.


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