Should you do a PMP Certification Course? Here’s What You Should Consider

Nowadays, a Project Management Professional Course is definitely worth it for Project Managers. PMP Certification is provided by the Project Management Institute. In the competitive world of project management, everyone needs an edge against the other to stand out as an employee. This is where PMP Certification comes in. Becoming a certified PMP grant you access to many benefits that are highly worth it, against not doing it.

Benefits of PMP Certification:

  • PMP Certification online provided by the PMI is one of the most renowned certificates worldwide that showcase knowledge of project management. It serves as proof that you are well versed with the subject and is accepted in over 80 countries around the world. Because of the difficulty of the PMI exam, those who pass it and get the PMP Certification are considered extremely valuable employees in a variety of industries.
  • PMP Certification holders can potentially earn a much greater salary than those without the certificate. Many surveys and research has shown that there is an average rise of 20% in the median salary of a Project Manager if they have completed their PMP Certification. This incremental increase in salary is definitely a major benefit to doing the course.
  • Getting the certification will open up many opportunities that were earlier unavailable to you because now you’re seen as more skilled and qualified. Having an advantage over those who don’t have the certificate gives you a chance to compete in these highly demanded industries.
  • Certified professionals are considered to be more experienced and well versed in Project Management than their peers. Whenever a new or critical project comes up, companies will always offer the opportunity to a PMP over others. It is basically an affirmation of their skill and knowledge.
  • For those applying for jobs or giving interviews, having a strong resume is a must. Accreditations like the PMP Certification add a lot of value to your resume and help companies find you more attractive to hire.
  • In the due process of getting your PMP Certification online, there is a certain amount of required hours you need to spend in order to be eligible to give the examination. Learning through the course as well as preparing for the difficult PMP exam arms one with a lot of relevant experience in the field of Project Management. This knowledge and skill development will empower you to adapt to and solve various kinds of tasks that Project Management demands from individuals.
  • By clearing the PMP Certification you become a member of the PMI. This allows you to create contacts and network with several other PMPs of your region. You can learn many things from them, exchange ideas and find opportunities.

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Is PMP Course worth the cost?

Considering all of the above benefits, there definitely is value in doing the PMP course. Considering that the course and prep material will cost you somewhere around 1500 Dollars if your salary even increases at 20% you can pay off the course fees in just two or three months. Hence, with a quick return on investment and several benefits, PMP Certification is definitely the right course for you.


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