Commonly Used Chinese Herbs

Voltaire quoted ‘The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient, while nature cures the disease’. Chinese culture uses herbs for medicinal purpose. Many unexplored plants and roots are used in traditional way since ages. Treating ailments in the natural way is favored by one and all, get relief from your physical pains with the help of most used Chinese herbs. There are some herbs that have been in use even as ingredients for basic cooking. Some of the copious herbs are mentioned below. Find your health problem and pertinent herb for improved health status.

Astragalus (huangqi): This Chinese herb also known as Astragali belongs to Leguminosae family. It is used to treat common cold, respiratory infections. Increase immunity; protect liver and increases blood cell production in case of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Chronic nephritis, skin burns and diabetes can be treated through the Astragalus. Use the medicine with caution as many toxic varieties do exist that may cause rashes.

Cinnamon (guizhi and rougi): The pharmaceutical name of this herb is Cinnamomum cassia. The bark of this tree improves blood circulation, lowers allergies and harmonizes energy of our body. Other herbs when mixed with cinnamon to prepare tea are beneficial to the body. Do not use it with an inflammatory liver disorder.

Bupleurum (chaihu): This herb has been utilized in Japanese oriental medicine practices. Liver disease, arthritis and skin ailments can be treated.  Nephritis, corticosteroid use and even mental disorders can be cured. The saponins found in this root lower inflammation and regulate level of hormones. Use it every day in about 15 to a few hundred mgs in form of tea. Dizziness and headaches may be seen in few individuals.

Red sage (danshen): This herb is used after combining with other herbs. The vascular and cardiac disorders are treated with red sage. Blood clotting is also reduced with red sage. Hypertension is also lowered with use of red sage.

Ginger (jiang): Ginger is used worldwide in food and even in medicine. The digestive benefits of this herb are well known. It provides protection against arteriosclerosis, heart diseases and stimulates the vitality of yang. Morning sickness, dyspepsia, rheumatoid arthritis, flatulence and osteoarthritis can be treated. It is also used as an analgesic and can treat infections of respiratory tract, bronchitis and cough.

Atractylodes (baizhu): This herb helps to treat digestive disorders and even alleviates edema.

Use the herb as tea or as powdered form or pill to get rid of all pain and body problems. Be careful to read and understand the usage, dose of the herb for desirable results. Hundreds of these herbs have been effective in curing many patients worldwide. Give the nature a chance to show its provess and heal you from inside out.

Commonly Used Chinese Herbs – Part 2

We tried to provide acquaintance with Chinese herbs and their benefits. There are hundreds of herbs and you can explore them based on your requirements and ailments.

Ginseng (renshen): Blood pressure control, improved immunity and blood sugar regulation are benefits of ginseng. A tea with Ginseng is good for lowering fatigue. Use 0.5-3.0 gm of ginseng for consumption.

Hoelen (fuling): Fungus like herb grows on the pine roots. Heals gastro-intestinal irritation, acts as mild sedative when used with pine roots and helps transport moisture from digestive system into bladder. Use of 10-15 grams every day to prepare decoctions ascertains health. It is non-toxic.

Rhubarb (dahuang): The Chinese root acts as an effective laxative and enhances appetite. Rhubarb improves blood circulation, prevents infections and lowers autoimmune reactions. Cook 0.5-3 gm of Rhubarb for treatment.

Ma-huang (mahuang): The leaves improve breathing and invigorate the nervous system. Hoelen based alkaloids have been used to prepare drugs for sinus congestion and asthma. This metabolic enhancer is a good form of stimulant for people striving for weight loss. About 1-9 gm per day can benefit in preventing inflammation.

Licorice (gancao): These roots have many beneficial properties such as enhancing the digestion, neutralizing toxins and reduce inflammation. Chinese medical practitioners use this herb for sore throat, hyperthyroidism, hepatitis and heart valve ailments. Few hundred mg to 15 gm per day will suffice. Excess use may lead to edema or tachycardia.

Coptis (huang lian):  Known as coptis, goldthread or yellow root. It is used for diarrhea, bacterial infections, gastrointestinal problems and hypertension. The content – berberine is used as an anti-inflammatory substance for healing, that is available as tablet or pills. overdose side effects seen with prolonged usage.

Peony (baishao and chihshao): The well known flower is used to control blood flow and gives relaxation to the body. Wild peony or chihshao is red; it is used for enhancing blood circulation. White peony or baishao nourishes the blood. When mixed in 0.5-15 gm each day with licorice and tang-kuei herbs can improve health.

Rehmannia (dihuang): The dark herb nourishes the hormonal system and blood. Used for inflammation treatment, nourishing tonic for lowing the process of ageing by regulating hormones. Decoctions prepared regularly using 10-30 gm of herb is adequate for treatment. Digestive problem sufferers, use Rehmannia with caution.

Salvia (danshen): 1-20 gm red Salvina is used to treat body injury and promotes circulation. Used commonly for degenerative diseases, inflammation and post stroke effects. Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and enhance liver functions with Salvia usage.

Tang- kuei (danggui): Used for regulating urine flow, blood nourishment and relieves pain. 0.5-9 gm per day in tea or soup is effective.

Health is wealth and make sure you conserve it to the fullest extent with best Chinese herbs.


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