The Secret Art of Building an MLM Business Online

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A good friend of mine, Doris Hullet, wrote this article and gave me permission to share it with you here on my blog.

The Secret Art of Building an MLM Business Online:

Problems You May Face when Entering the Online Business Arena.  How Fast Can You Get Going?  Are three months enough time? The 90-Day Challenge.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1.  Are you Computer Savvy? If you are not, you are going to have to learn a whole new Language and how it applies to your new online business.

Several online, new-language technical terms include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), auto-responders, blog, campaign, Hyperlink, Natural Search Results (Organic Listings), Tags, and Web 2.0. These terms you can Google on Key word search.

If you are “computer illiterate” it is going to take due diligence to see how fast you can learn your new language so you can be “all that you can be” as an Online Marketer.

2.    Are you a Leader?
As the CEO of your own business, you no longer are the employee, but rather the employer. It takes a major mental shift to be driven, energized, motivated, and held accountable to self.

What does this mean?

Driven:  It means you become a doer, rather than the one that watches what happens. You take action to the point of almost obsession. You focus on sales conversions so that you don’t waste time selling.

Energized:  Leaders don’t let up. They know their “Why”, and that energizes them to keep going.

Motivated:  When leaders wake up in the morning, there is a call to action already in their minds.  Leaders do not drag into work and give a half-hearted work ethic; they know what the rewards of their efforts will produce… financial freedom, time with their families, travel opportunities, giving back to their charities and living the life of their dreams.  They are motivated because of the sheer challenge to prove something to self.

Accountability:  No one is there to say, “We need the monthly report in a couple of days, because the auditor will be here next week.” The new auditor is You.

Time Management:  Experiment with day planners, time schedulers or some sort of hourly tracker until you find your perfect fit. This might even include a kitchen timer or setting your cell phone alarm clock.  Time management techniques help keep you focused on income-producing activities.

  1.  Are you an Employer or Employee?

Employee vs. Employer:  Employee = Everything is done for you.  Basically.

Employer = Tracking your expenses as a bookkeeper, business tax legalities, becoming incorporated/self-employed, insurance for yourself and your business space are a few things to keep up with. I have found these brochures to be a good resource: Publication 334, 552, 583, 587 for “Starting a Business and Keeping Records.”

  1.   Have you learned the Systems-in-place?

If you decide to join an Online System to assist you in the growth of your primary company, it will be a tremendous asset in your learning curve. There may be a fee for their back-office training platform, and efficient systems.  It is worth it, because it will free your time for marketing and sales. The only thing you have to do is learn the system.

5    Are you prepared for the long-term commitment?

If you think you will “try” your business for 3 months, 6 months or “give it a year,” you might want to re-think your strategy. It all takes time. There are no short-cuts, or quick-get-rich businesses. This is not a hobby.  Warning:  if you have a “give it a try” mentality, the IRS considers that a hobby, not a business.

If someone is immediately successful in a MLM or Direct Sales business in an organization, you may have to consider that they already had some of the following elements in their resume: computer literacy, leadership skills, and/or sales experience.

Overnight success, really wasn’t “overnight.” Successful people experienced the school of hard-knocks, and hard work. It wasn’t free; there is a price and a learning curve.

Long-term commitment includes “failing-forward.” Just make sure that of the hundreds of mistakes you make, that you don’t add the mistake of ‘quitting’ on your list. Think long-term, no matter what.

  1.  Are you willing to succeed?

That sounds like a silly question, but you have to realize that if you don’t change you mindset you may possibly sabotage your own success. Some people don’t think they deserve to succeed.

You have sought to be a good, hard-working, loyal employee for others for so long, that you are probably used to disappointment.  The dynamic changes involved with transitioning into building an mlm business online can be very uncomfortable for the beginner.  It is now time to be “comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

You are in the process of becoming the CEO and Entrepreneur of your own company.   Don’t you think you deserve a higher income for all the work you have done to get this far?

You have unique value, bringing yourself and your creativity to the market place.  The majority of your growth will not stem from the above mentioned market leaning curve, but the development of yourself as a person.

To have success, you really will need to have self-acceptance and self-permission.

  1.  Are you willing to give up your old friends?

You may not have to give up your old friends; they may give you up. But then again, they may not see why you are pursuing a business, or understand your personal needs.

Old friends may see you go into debt, and argue, “What is wrong with a traditional job?” Well, considering the current economic times, there may not be a lot of traditional jobs left.

The employment climate has changed; shifted. Companies are downsizing, merging, laying-off, going overseas; we are not a producing country any more.  We have become a service country.

You are contributing to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) rather than drawing on unemployment by becoming an entrepreneur online. If you lose some friends over it, were they really your friends? Are your friends helping you pay your bills?  No? You are choosing to do something with your life. It may require changes.

  1.  Are you WILLING to reap the following rewards?

You will have new technical computer skills. (I can do this!)

You will become a leader. (Confidence to coach and mentor others)

You will be an employer. (You will have new tax-advantages)

You will learn your systems. (When you finally understand it you will experience relief.  It is a bit on the techie side)

You are committed for the long-term. (You will thereby have long-term results called Cash-flow and residual income)

You will succeed. (You will receive a new income. The sales ratio of income is  not measured in dollars per hour. It will be directly measured in proportion to the value of your personal development,  and what you bring to others.)

You will make new friends. (They will be from all over the United States, and globally! If your primary company has an event, it is delightful to actually meet these new, like-minded, business-online friends!)

You will have a new life. (You will no longer be building someone else’s dream; you will be building your own!) You have proven something to yourself. Congratulations for your self-acceptance to a new life; congratulations for the self-permission to LIVE Your dreams!

Hence, the Secret Art of Building an MLM Business Online.  The secret is not in the business…the secretis in BUILDING YOU!


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