Thinking about Investing in a Brisbane Property?

Brisbane’s geographical position and diversity make it quite attractive to those looking to invest money in Brisbane’s real estate. In 2021, Brisbane exhibited strong growth and remained the strongest property market in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Brisbane averaged an annual house price growth of 19.7% between 3rd Quarter 2020 & 3rd Quarter 20201,. Some locations even experienced 30+% house price growth. The market has proven resilient despite external influences such as COVID that was expected to negatively impact the market.

However, before you invest in a property, you should carefully review quite a number of factors such as demographic, economic influences, types of properties that are sought-after and tenant  demographics (such as are potential tenants part of a long term or short term work force?). In this article, we will discuss some valuable points that will help you find the right property in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Reasons to choose Brisbane:

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of choosing Brisbane for property investment:

  • Demographics: One of the main reasons you should choose Brisbane is its strong population growth. According to the 2021 intergenerational report, Queensland will become home to seven million people over the next 40 years.
  • Brisbane’s economy: The heart of Queensland’s economic growth is Brisbane. The city has a strong history of financial performance. Infrastructure projects like Queen’s Wharf and the second Airport Runway and significant investments to support a growing, international city.


  • Brisbane’s culture: Brisbane attracts many people for its climate and outdoor lifestyle. The optimal Queensland weather and proximity to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast make the city appealing to those from colder climates. From internationally ranked universities and sporting stadiums to hosting international arts festivals, Brisbane is a meccas and gateway to South East Asia. Not to mention being the host of the 2032 Olympic Games!


  • The demand of the property: Behind the burgeoning market of Brisbane houses is increasing consumer sentiment, low historic rates, the relative affordability of the homes. Compared to Sydney and Melbourne, these advantages are always greater in Queensland. Popular areas of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast provide you with the opportunity to work from home and go to the big smoke less frequently.


  • School zone hotspot: Tenants and prospective owner-occupiers alike are drawn to the school catchment areas of Brisbane’s top performing schools, or within easy access to private schools, contributing to these suburbs becoming sought-after locations.

Sticking to some ground rules and other essentials:

  • Suggestion for properties: While investing in a property in Brisbane, look for properties with a strong history of Capital Growth that can outperform the averages. These are the areas where you can see wages rising above the norm.


  • Know the market and when to negotiate: In a hot market with more purchasers then property, it can be more difficult to negotiate as the seller may have multiple offers. Understanding what is good value in the market will help you be confident in your negotiations. In a cooler market where there is not as much buyer activity, you may have more scope to negotiate terms.


  • Tenancy rights and legal issues: If letting a property, an investor is obligated to comply with any relevant legislation. A good Property Manager will be able to assist you to navigate your legal obligations and avoid legal problems in the future.

Brisbane is a beautiful place where the demand for property is increasing. If you are looking to property investment Brisbane, it is important to do your research so you can confidently put your best foot forward. When you find the right property, don’t underestimate the impact of structuring the most suitable load for your needs. A mortgage broker Brisbane can help you navigate your financial options for your investment loan.


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