Top Tools for Product Managers

A product manager is a person who specializes in project management for organizations. They work from procuring to finalizing the project for the organization within the budget, time, and scope set for the project. They ensure the project meets the expectations of stakeholders.

Product managers ensure that there is proper communication between members of the team. Every team member is given a specific task to complete which cumulatively leads to achieving the project success. These experts use a lot of tools to make their jobs easy and successful and it is these tools that will be discussed in this article.

Top Project Management Tools in 2021

The job description of a product manager is broad. Project management tools are software that aid in planning, evaluating, collaborating, and documenting a project. These tools are not just used by only project managers but can be used by everyone within the team. Some of these tools work as a specific project management technique or methodology. While others are all-encompassing.Here are seven tools used by project managers


Proofhub is an online software that can replace using usual emails. It supports multiple techniques and can be used in various ways. Some of these features include task delegation, file storage, assigning roles to different users.


Asana is a simple and easy-to-use project management tool. It is most useful for small teams with relatively small projects. It does not make use of emails. It features team and individual assignments, tracks and files of bug reports, and a dashboard for overview.


JIRA is a bug-tracking, cross-platform management tool that is perfect for IT project managers. It is a management tool designed specifically for software development teams. It features centralizing all communications and assigning different tasks to members of the team.


Trello is a popular option. It is a tool widely used by project managers because of its simple and easy visualization of tasks. It showcases tasks on its dashboard making it easy to manage short-term tasks. It features communication and commenting venues amongst teammates, creating endless task lists, and audio and video file sharing.

Zoho Project 

This is also a simple tool to use for straightforward tasks. It assists teams in streamlining their tasks on the project. It can also be connected to the Zoho Com and can help manage your entire agency as one. It features task lists and Gantt charts, time tracking on projects, and file documentation and management.

Microsoft Project

This Tool helps also in streamlining project tasks and is ideal for resource management. It features project timelines, resource (such as time and staff) management, built-in templates, and scheduling of projects.


Harvestr is an all-encompassing project management platform with the capacity to assist teams across an organization complete a project irrespective of its size. It is trusted and used by hundreds of companies across the world. With Harverstr, an organization can also acquire customer feedback and make production decisions based on those feedbacks. Harvestr is perfect for making a company more customer-centric.


All these tools are great for product managers. It all depends on the goal of the project. If a project manager wants to organize teams while getting valuable feedback from customers, the best option for that on this list is Harvestr.


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