Alumen – Chinese Herb Preparation Benefits

Chinese herbs have been well known among the globe for their healing powers. Alumen-Chinese Herb is listed in the books used for treatment for centuries. The experienced and knowledgeable practitioners have been discussing the use of this herb for use in oriental and western medicine.

There are countless number of patients who have been treated with the herb. The category of this herb is for external use only. Tasting like sour astringent and best used for liver, lung, intestine and spleen problems. The action of this herb will include:


  • diarrhea alleviation
  • reduced bleeding
  • Resolved toxicity
  • Lower pathogenicity
  • Decreased sores
  • Thin mucus will be resolved
  • Eliminates phlegm
  • Reduces heat

Also known as alum or potassium aluminum sulphate, this herb is very widely used.

Method of brewing Alumen-Chinese Herb:

The correct decocting method is the reason these medicines work well. The ingredients may vary, but the outcome will be the same, healing effect for your body. The container with stainless steel, ceramic, glass could be used. The aluminum and iron cast should not be used. There are Chinese herbs which could interact with all the metals and cause a negative impact on its effectiveness.

Soak the herbs in water and it will give the best effects for long term. Purity of the water used for the process could actually be beneficial to improve the outcome. Tap water would also suffice for the brewing of herbs. 20 minutes of soaking is efficient to extract all the active ingredients of the herbs. You must boil the herbs in water and the flavors will be released.

The Alumen-Chinese Herb will give its positive impact as the decoction is perfectly done. This is an external use herb, so the process would vary accordingly. Simple steps can be followed when you are dealing with the Chinese herbs. There are different ways to get the extraction done right, to increase the effectiveness and good quality of herbs. Make sure you are discussing it with the expert before purchasing and using the herbs.

There are Chinese herbs which could cause side effects in case you are suffering from medical conditions. Even the other medicines you consume could have a mixed impact or cause side effects. For apt use of Alumen-Chinese Herb talk to the expert, or conduct some research on the web before going out and using it. You can bid goodbye to all the pain and the physical ailments when you are taking all benefits from the Chinese herbs in the tried and tested way followed through the centuries.

Stay healthy naturally- by intake of natural supplements

According to the beliefs of ancient people, “Food is medicine”. If one has control on their diet they can stay healthy. Sedentary lifestyle has become a major problem, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, varicose nerve problem, arthritis, etc. are the complications associated with sedentary lifestyle. The other major problem of common medical problem is general unhealthiness caused due to improper amount of food intake to meet daily nutritional need. By medication one can get temporary relaxation, but it also has many adverse side effects. Thus, the better solution is to rely on Herbal supplements. Herbal dietary supplement cures the problem from the root without any adverse side effects.

People today, are accepting the concept of herbal supplement and it has become quite popular amongst people. Taking herbal dietary supplement with proper diet helps you in staying healthy and free from disease. Herbal supplement is now used by many people to treat various health conditions and also for general well-being. The herbal supplements contain one or more dietary ingredients like, minerals, vitamins, herbs, amino acids and other supplements. These herbal supplements are manufactured in the form of tablet, powder, capsule, soft gel, liquid or gel cap which can be taken orally. It has been observed that herbal dietary supplement is effective in treating and preventing disease.

One other good option to stay healthy naturally is probiotics supplement. The probiotics supplement contains good bacteria which are beneficial for our health. Consuming these supplements offers us innumerable probiotics benefits, such as strengthen and better immune system. They Inhibit disease causing bacteria, improves absorption of vitamin, protection and detoxification from toxins, improves digestion, cancer protective absorption, prevention from diarrhea and Irritable bowel syndrome, provides resistance against allergies, and reduces yeast and intestinal infections.

Probiotics benefits us by preventing and treating various conditions. If you go through the probiotic supplements review you will be amazed to know that people, who initially rejected the idea, today consume it as a dietary supplement.

You can buy it online; there are sites where you will get detailed information on the particular combination of supplement.  Stay healthy by consuming natural supplements.


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