Whatever the Mind Can Conceive and Believe | An Inspiring Story of Determination and Realizing Your Dream

inspiring story

Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Regardless how many times you may have failed in the past or how lofty your aims and hopes may be.”

When you read the story below, than you will see that this is absolutely true.

So get away from the naysayers and dream stealers and go realize your dreams. If you have a vision and you believe deep down in your heart that you can absolutely accomplish it … then  go for it!

Just like Washington Roeling did.

Here’s his inspiring story….

Back in 1883 a visionary and engineer by the name of John Roeling had a big vision. He wanted to build something really big. Something spectacular that had never been done before. He wanted to build a bridge between New York and Long Island.

Everyone told him that was foolish. Something like that had never been done before and he should give up on his crazy idea as it was impossible to do something like that.

Roeling couldn’t. He was bound and determined to realize his vision. So he set out to look for some influential people to buy into his dream. Finally he recruited his son Washington who was an up and coming engineer.

“We can do it! Let’s build that bridge.”

They found the capital needed and started building the bridge. But only a few months into it there was a terrible accident on the bridge which cost Roeling his life and left his son Washington with brain damage in a hospital bed.

He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t do anything more than move his fingers on his left hand.

Now all the media, all the employers and all the naysayers said, “See, we told you it couldn’t be done.

There’s no way. Why are you doing this? People lost their jobs, they lost their money. Now there is no bridge.”

Laying there in his hospital bed Washington wasn’t about to give up. As a sudden flash of light came through the window he took it as a sign and all his determination came back. He said, “I have hope. I have vision. I can do this!”

While his body wasn’t working, his mind still was and was sharp as ever.

His beautiful wife was by his side and supported him through all these moments of terrible hardship.

Washington said, “I am actually going through with this. I will finish this bridge.”

So since he could only move the fingers of his left hand he developed a communication code to express every single idea in his mind to his wife so she could understand.

He called back all the engineers and for 13 years communicated every single idea in his head by tapping his wife’s arm with his left hand.

He finished the bridge … which today is known as the Brooklyn Bridge.

And that’s the Brooklyn Bridge Story – A Story of Determination and Realizing Your Dream.

Again … Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

See, whatever you set your mind to, you can do. If you only believe it. So don’t let anyone steal your dreams.  Go for it! … Realize them! You can do it!


Thinking Outside the Box In Your Marketing? | Creative Marketing Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond

Being creative and thinking outside the box in your marketing might make your offer more appealing.

Just think, a nicely wrapped gift makes much more of a statement than if you hand the gift over unwrapped.

Maybe you have a tough time getting some of your prospects to make a commitment and join you in your business.

I learned about these innovative marketing ideas below which may just create that little push they need to get them off the fence.

Since Halloween is just around the corner lets start off with that…

Trick or Treat…

If you’re really into candy … make a Halloween Mix

2 cups of candy corn
1 cup of nuts
some M&Ms
some salted peanuts
& some Apple Jacks cereal

Each of these stand for something. Mix them all up and put them in a fun cellophane bag (or some other fun container.) Tie your business card to it and a note that reads:

“Are you mixed up thinking about how you pay for Christmas gifts this year? Consider a mix that’s the answer. If you like to have fun and you are a little nutty consider joining XYZ. You decide how many zeros you want on your paycheck. If you’re curious about mixing it up and making a little more money, let’s get together so I can tell you about our treats.”

Christmas Idea…

Purchase some candy canes and put this note on them…

“Are you a bit wobbly about your financial future? Lean on me to support you in your new business.” (And attach your business card)

Valentine’s Day…

Buy some conversation hearts. Put some in a little plastic bag (you can buy some really tiny ones not much larger than a business card.) Stable to a saying and just hand it out.

“I’d like to have a heart to heart conversation with you about what XYZ business can do.” (Don’t forget to attach your business card too).

During Spring and Summertime…

Pick up different seeds…(at your local nursery)

“Seeds are the beginning of a bountiful business. Plant the seeds and watch your XYZ business grow. Do you feel SQUAHSED in your current job? Does your boss SNAP like a dragon? Then let us talk for a minute because I BEAN where you are and I know you MUSTARD things around. I know it’s a bit KORNY but PEAS listen up and don’t TURNIP your nose to what I can share with you. After all you might find yourself lucky and GREEN.”My husband (or wife) is a real gem but I didn’t MARYGOLD. With my own business I’m able to CARROT about those who matter most. I flower my family with time and attention. Not only am I growing a happy family but a profitable business.”

Send them a shoe or a sandal and say

“I’ve been in your shoes. I know you have reservations but I’m here to teach you and walk beside you to build your business.”

Send them a swim ring and say…

“Feeling deflated about your finances? I have a life-saving idea that will inflate your monthly income.”


“Do you need s’more of ….. (fill in the blank)?

Here’s a cute one for moms…

Diaper Idea….

Take a diaper put some Milk Duds in it and attach this saying….

“Is your financial outlook crappy? Then take a load off and learn how XYZ business can wipe away your financial worries.”

I think this will get your creative juices flowing and start thinking outside the box. If you can think of any other creative marketing ideas feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.



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